Read Me First: Introduction to the RTS Online Examination Process

  • There are 40 exams required for RTS certification. Each exam represents a chapter of a syllabus. (In only one case does an exam cover two chapters.)
  • Exams can be purchased individually or in "Exam Groups". Each exam group includes all of the exams for a specific syllabus.
  • All exams purchased are held in your account until you feel you are prepared and ready to tackle a specific chapter.
  • Individual exams are numbered according to syllabus (e.g. 1.03 covers Part 1 Chapter 3, s.11 covers Chapter 11 of the Structure syllabus) Click on a specific title for more information.
  • Exams are timed with the maximum time allowed based upon an average of 3 minutes per question. Click on each individual exam to view the number of questions and time allowed for that particular exam. All exams require 90% correct answers to pass. Results are indicated immediately upon completion.
  • Once you have registered and created an account you will see "My Account" and "My Exams" at the top of the website. Simply click "My Exams" to view purchased as well as Completed Exams (and your results).
  • NOTE: Exam 1.01 (RTS Intro) is free of charge. This enables you to become familiar with the exam process before testing over primary content. Although this exam is free of charge, it can only be accessed via the normal exam purchasing process by purchasing it alone or as part of an exam group. When purchased alone, credit card information is still required due to requirements of the site's purchasing process, however, the charge will be $0.00.
  • If the exam process is interrupted due to loss of internet connection, computer malfunction, or accidental navigation away from the page/site: Once you begin an exam the timer continues regardless of the situation until it times-out, at which point the exam is scored and moved to your "COMPLETED EXAMS".

    If your connection is interrupted for any reason, try to reconnect, return to the site, and log back in. When you return to "MY EXAMS" you will find the interrupted exam under "IN PROGRESS EXAMS" until it times-out and expires.
  • Using your course syllabus: It is our position that a quality examination process should not only demonstrate your knowledge, but also provide yet another opportunity to learn. If a specific question exposes a weakness, it would be better for you to come away from the exam process with that deficiency remedied rather than it remaining. For that reason you are allowed to refer to the respective course syllabus if there is a question/answer or two that you do not recall, but you will not have time to complete the entire exam if you are looking up every answer. DO NOT MISINTERPRET THESE EXAMS AS BEING "EASY"!!! Many individuals have assumed the exams will be simple with use of the syllabus... and have been upset when they fail, and have misdirected their emotions at us rather than their poor preparation. These are extremely thorough exams! You must prepare thoroughly!
  • Exam questions and corresponding correct answers may come from the manuals as well as the lecture and practical presentations. Although each exam is labeled for a specific chapter, many chapters in each manual build upon the information presented in previous chapters and manuals. Therefore, each subsequent exam may include questions that require an understanding of previous chapters and manuals. Furthermore, the questions and answers may not be verbatim from the manual and may require thought processes involving deduction, reasoning, and logic.
  • For RTS Certification: When you have successfully completed the entire RTS123 course and all 40 exams, you must send an email to notifying RTS administration of your status. Your courses and exams will be reviewed and verified. If all requirements have been met you will be notified. Only then will you become an RTS (certified Resistance Training Specialist) and you will receive a certificate stamped with the RTS seal.