RTSm Science Splits into Science 1 and Science 2 During 2011

RTSm Science Splits into Science 1 and Science 2 During 2011

The RTSm prerequisite course The Sciences of Resistance Training, more commonly referred to as simply “Science,” will evolve during 2011.

For many years now RTSm Science has been required to be attended twice for those that choose to sit for the Mastery exam. This became a requirement simply because the only people that were passing up to that point had taken science twice prior to the exam.

Over the years more and more information has been added to science until the itinerary is bulging at the seams. Furthermore, there is a significant amount of additional information that continues to amass. Much of this additional information would be better received if presented following an initial exposure to Science. So it was being considered that the remedy might be to have an Initial Science (prereq) and a Final Science (post-application modules), but ultimately this never really seemed to be the ideal answer.

More recently it has become obvious that although it’s helpful to repeat all of the information in Science, there are two primary issues: There are very specific topics that are "musts" as primary points for “re-view” (e.g. fundamental mechanics) and there are entire topics that demand a much more expansive and extensive exploration (more time and more depth), namely equipment analysis.

So this year Science evolves. Science 1 will focus on Musculoskeletal Mechanics. Following the ever-evolving introduction to the entire Mastery program (Mastery, Learning, and Thinking) Science 1 will change in two ways. First the fundamental mechanical principles (force angle, moment, leverage, etc.) will be explored exclusively as they apply within the body.

Secondly, the 3 hours of resistance properties and mechanics that have been so rushed in the past few years will be completely removed. Not only will this allow more time for the remaining material, much of that time will be utilized to explore specific joint structures and the associated influences of specific muscles. This portion of Science 1 will be basically an abridged version of what has historically been covered on the first day of each body-part module and constitutes a necessary bridge between the general exploration of structure and muscular force that normally occurs in Science and the detailed specifics required to be an exceptional practitioner.

Specifically for those taking Science as a requisite for MAT Mastery, this is of major importance due to the unfortunate fact that they often do not return to complete RTSm UE, LE or Trunk and, in all too many cases, never really come to understand and appreciate the specific influences of structure in their practice, nor do they really ever seem to become versed in the true realities of muscle function (far beyond traditional Kinesiology class) as a true “Muscle Specialist” should.

Science 2 will become the second prerequisite before attending the body-part modules (which now have no recommended order). It will “re-view,” restate, and redefine all the fundamentals of mechanics such as force angle, moment arm, leverage, as well as even greater levels of exploration of more advanced mechanical issues such as joint forces and chains. But in Sci2 the application of these will be primarily focused on external forces and their application to the body. And above all this will give Mastery the time to truly go much further in the area of equipment design, analysis, and manipulation. This will be a key step in helping the Mastery Level RTS to truly be the Resistance Specialist that the title represents.

The first Sci1 will be July 21-24, 2011 and the first Sci2 will be August 25-28, 2011.

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