Great Conference Quotes!!

Was at a great conference in Mexico City over the weekend and heard some phenomenal quotes that I thought you'd appreciate. Trying to be as accurate as possible, but in a couple cases I was jotting it on a napkin 30 minutes after it was said. Enjoy! -Tom

“The only way to swim fast when you get older is to have great technique. The only way to have great technique is to swim slow.” – Jack Roach, US Olympic swim coach

Regarding anaerobic threshold and training: “In swimming there is what is known as the “anaerobic threshold graveyard.” I was guilty of this in my younger years. We’d spend years pushing the limits during training and I literally swam the speed out of guys by the time they were 16… and they were done! They never returned to their former ability.” – Jack Roach, US Olympic swim coach

“Athletes should wait several years to even begin plyometrics. They must have a foundation of strength first. In fact strengthening alone will increase power in the first few years.” -Gregory Haff, PhD

“Strength is a requirement for performance. Look at it this way… regardless of your level of skill, if your strength declines your performance declines.” -Gregory Haff, PhD

“There is a saying I learned: 'New coaches copy. Good coaches modify. Great coaches innovate.' I would add the caveat that innovation must be scientifically sound.” -Gregory Haff, PhD

“Sports and fitness have nothing to do with each other. In sports we try to ring every drop of performance out of an athlete that we can.” -Gregory Haff, PhD

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