RTS gets discount pricing with Nautilus and Cybex

This just in: In addition to having an "RTS discount" with Cybex, we now get "RTS direct" pricing from Nautilus meaning no middleman or dealer involved. You're unlikely to get a better price on new equipment!

If you're interested in the contact name or price list for either or both send an email to and it will be forwarded to Tom.

These two companies are the leaders in biomechanically viable resistance equipment (for an RTS that means both strength and "cardio"). As you know there are several influences that can determine your choice of the precise Resistance Profile (first rep vs. last rep, etc.) and because each company must make a specific design decision for each piece within each line produced relative to this and other factors, it's important to choose the specific piece based upon your specfiic needs. For this reason you may want to discuss your exact needs with Tom before making a decision. If so, include a list of the pieces in which you're interested in the email.

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