Exercise Mechanics

It's not called "personal" training simply because it's one-on-one. It's supposed to be personalized as well! And personalized training is much more than creative exercise selection and program design.

From aerobics to strength, function to aesthetics, Pilates to powerlifting, stretching to sport specific, all exercise is based upon forces and joints!

For everything else that is happening, i.e. neural, metabolic, recruitment... objectively all exercise truly boils down to forces on joints! And when you're talking about forces and joints, you're talking about mechanics!

RTS specializes in the principles and application of Exercise Mechanics including:

  1. Structural Anatomy... anatomical "architecture." The shape, function, and interrelationships of the various structures, both in general and specific to the individual client or patient. This goes far beyond the anatomy taught in schools and certifications that is little more than "body geography" (names and locations.)
  2. The effects on and by the neuromuscular system including recruitment and the internal force generating capabilities of the individual.
  3. The effects of the ranges and patterns of movement specific to the exercise.
  4. The effects of the exercise-specific direction and application of the external forces upon the joints and tissues.

Since Exercise Mechanics is not taught or applied anywhere else, RTS is a vital missing link that empowers you to get more out of your certifications, degrees, etc., not only maximizing your overall educational investment, but also providing much more to your clients.

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