Strategic Variation®

Variation is typically considered to be anything and everything that is different – a somewhat haphazard approach. Attempts at being strategic are all too often based upon a magical, misguided, myth-oriented approach designed with only hope of "keeping the body guessing".

You do in fact need exercise variety, and the principle of Strategic Variation® is based upon using complementary exercises to create synergistic stimulation... versus traditional variation which typically offers little more than exercise redundancy and excessive joint wear.

The reasons for Strategic Variation® are to 1) provide optimal stimulation via the creation of exercises that are truly complementary (i.e. complete each other) in at least one objective factor. In this way we can achieve full-spectrum stimulation, or "relatively" full-spectrum within the confines of a goal-oriented bias and/or within the restrictions imposed by an injury. And 2) to alter the mechanical wear within the joints... in essence "rotating your tires."

By strategically manipulating factors such as contractile range, movement pattern, or strength-resistance relationship™ we not only alter the level of difficulty, but we also orchestrate a full-spectrum challenge for the client in the most efficient manner.

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