Bill Leavitt, BA RTSM MAT Overland Park, KS

RTS Instructor: Bill Leavitt

Bill started the RTS Process in 1997 coming to the realization that success in the business of fitness requires far more than simply dispensing exercises, a general anatomical knowledge, and a basic level certification. He attributes RTS with providing a pathway to success by helping him develop an objective thought process to truly understand and serve the advanced and detailed needs of each and every client.

Attending the second Muscle Activation Techniques Internship in 2000, Bill deepened his understanding of Human Mechanics, and soon after began instructing both the RTS Lecture/Practical series and MAT Jumpstarts from 2002-2006.

Bill is the owner of Fitness Alliance Overland Park whose aim is to attract top Fitness and Health Professionals from the area to create a symbiotic environment of multiple offerings. In the Lifestyle Business rather than the Fitness business, they seek to integrate effective eating strategies, applicable bodywork(s), and negotiate the appropriate mindset and lifestyle choices with each client in order to customize an Optimal Health environment for the individual.

Bill's goal has always been to draw upon multiple sources to create perspectives that continually hone the craft and share information with fellow colleagues to elevate the credentials of the Fitness Industry. As an Instructor, he draws upon these multiple perspectives to amalgamate the information into a teaching style that is not only concise, but approachable for the student.

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