Michael Goulden, RTSM MAT London, UK

RTS Instructor: Michael Goulden

Michael is an exercise specialist who believes in continual education: always enquiring, exploring, refining and sharing, with the aim of enhancing his clients' performance and well-being.

Michael is one of the few exercise specialists in Europe to hold the distinction of being qualified as both a Mastery Level Resistance Training Specialist (RTSm) and as a Muscle Activation Techniques - Master Level Specialist (MATm). He holds an MSc in Biomechanics and is currently studying the MAT Rx programme.

Since founding Integra (London) in 1997, he has been integrating exercise mechanics with manual therapies to create a uniquely sustainable approach to health, fitness and performance. Michael continues to educate both clients and fellow professionals, with the aim of raising standards and promoting greater accountability within the fitness industry.

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