Elevate your career, separate yourself...
become a true specialist!


Transitioning from an exercise enthusiast to a professional is not just about having a business card or getting paid. It's about shifting perspective from you to the client. It's what you know about his/her body and your skill in manipulating all of the variables that comprise an exercise accordingly!

If you have high standards and take your career seriously, then you need an educational process that meets that level of professionalism. RTS® is the only educational process that teaches you how to:

  1. create exercises along all points of the Functional Continuum®
  2. strategically alter resistance profiles, and
  3. masterfully orchestrate the client's Exercise Experience™ by ...
    • matching the individual's ever-changing exercise needs and expectations
    • strategically altering sensation with exercise mechanics and intention
    • progressing appropriately while decreasing joint wear

When you offer this much value it's easier to sell your services, maximize your income potential, and improve client retention... you become indispensable!


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