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Internal Performance: Advanced Manual Skills – Joint Mobility & Contractile Integrity

Joint mobility & contractile integrity… The foundations of Internal Performance
…the very beginning of and keys to both the Functional Continuum® and the Exercise Continuum®!

  • Explore the latest research and come to understand and fully appreciate the interrelationship between joint mobility and the quality of muscle contraction. It’s a two-way street!
  • Introduction to advanced manual skills… adding to the many powerful tools in your toolbox.
  • Explore and experience the detailed strategic options for progressively stimulating contraction.
  • Understand that in a true professional’s toolbox, the skill of manual mobilization is not an independent intervention and must be combined with skilled and strategic contractile/exercise progression.
  • Heighten your awareness of the potential for “landmines”, especially the effects of long term “stress deprivation” such as immobilization, deconditioning (lack of use, sedentary lifestyles), injuries, etc. on connective tissues, leading to their extended intolerance for force.

Advanced manual skills lab:

  • Learn the heightened skills of incredibly subtle passive and manually resisted movements necessary to evaluate and encourage the vital joint requirements known as joint play in order to influence normal mobility that for a variety of reasons may not otherwise be attained and as the research indicates, when done with impeccable skill, can actually improve muscle contraction, while aggressive, heavy-handed, unskilled impositions of manual therapies can create negative influences including inflammation and inhibition of muscle contraction.
  • The individual attention afforded by small groups and is absolutely required to excel at any skill as you begin the extended process of learning joint mobility assessments and intervention via manual mobilization.
  • Maximize your skill sets by learning to eliminate the “heavy hands” associated with poor skill level, lack of understanding of force progression and intolerance, and poor tactile sensitivity!
  • Review and reinforce the basic skills from Beyond Isometrics, then build upon them by engaging in guided problem-solving and strategies for implementing exercise skills from static manual resistance to force/motion oscillations to the gym.

NOTE: Attendance is by invitation or application only and will be considered based upon the dates of mastery attendance, how up to date with the evolution of RTSm information they have remained, and personal experience/history in various manual skills.


  • Tom Purvis, PT
  • Guest presenter: International Professor of Manual Therapy

Current classes (see Schedules & Registration > Mastery Electives for dates)

  • Shoulder: SC, AC, ST, GH
  • Foot/Ankle: tib-fib, talocrural, subtalar, “midfoot”, metatarsals, PIPs, & DIPs

Tuition structure:

Early Registration (30+ days before class):

  • Individual class $1500
  • Bundle (Shoulder & Foot/Ankle) $2500

Regular Price (less than 30 days):

  • Individual class $2500
  • Bundle (Shoulder & Foot/Ankle) $4000

*Future offerings will include:

  • Hip/Knee
  • Elbow/Wrist/Hand

And only the individuals who have excelled in the skills taught in the above classes will be invited to attend:

  • Lumbar/Thoracic Spine
  • Cervical Spine

*These classes are not being considered until potentially late 2025/early 2026.