Exam Status Update: Under Reconstruction

The Issue:
As mentioned on the home page the previous exams were lost in the failure in our former site. We have taken this loss as an opportunity to update everything from the information that was covered by each exam, to the delivery system of both the information and the exams.

Due to the unexpected timing of this process of transition, there will obviously be a delay in delivering it to you. It would've been great to have set a date for the old site to die and to have spent a year preparing, but that's not the reality of the situation.

We fully understand that it is extremely frustrating for our customers. AND it has been overwhelmingly frustrating and painstaking for us, not only in terms of the amount of work required, but also the inability for us to provide what you want when you want it. Most of you have communicated like adults during this process and for that we are grateful. Your patience and understanding has been and will continue to be greatly appreciated. (As you would expect, others are like kids on road trips... anxiously, repeatedly, whining "are we there yet?")

Formerly each of the 40 short exams covered a chapter from the four RTS123 manuals. Used from 2008 to 2018, these manuals have been retired for 2019. The information is currently being updated in both content and presentation format. All of the new RTS2 lecture information will be on video, which is currently being shot and edited for the website. There will be vastly more information than was covered in the previous manuals... literally hundreds of hours. The videos are scheduled for completion in March. Unfortunately exams will be a few months later.

The exam process is being completely rebuilt from top to bottom. Along the way the exams themselves are being updated question by question to accurately represent the updated lecture presentations, as well as the current RTS2 Practical series. There will still be an exam for each "chapter" (video topic). This method of testing via shorter exams covering one specific topic was originally off-putting by many students, but the benefits become immediately apparent:

  • one exam per topic means less to study in preparation and shorter exams
  • by paying for each exam ala carte, that single exam can be retaken for the nominal price (previously $10 each) unlike an expensive, single, four-hour comprehensive exam covering multiple subjects, that if failed must be retaken in its entirety for the full price

As you can imagine, the volume of work in these overlapping projects is overwhelming and obviously the exams can't be completed until the respective video is completed.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Ultimately, these changes were needed anyway, and there is no ideal time for such a dramatic transition. The unexpected interruption in the entire site presented this opportunity, so we are accepting the challenge.

If you were/are in the middle of the RTS2 exam process please contact Jennifer at [email protected] Although much of our database is no longer readily accessible, our new website folks have been fairly successful at retrieving specific details from the information dump made available by the former guys.

In conclusion:
As logic would dictate, we will not keep it a secret when everything is completed, or even as it nears completion. A key motivating factor for us has continued to be that by the end of this year all of this will be months and months behind us all. You will be armed with more and better information than we have ever been able to provide in the past. You will be able to offer clients and patients better service, and more customization than ever before. If being an Exercise Professional is truly your lifelong passion, as it has always been for the vast majority of our students, then you participate in a lifelong learning process and deal with greater challenges than this daily. And if you just want another piece of paper for the wall, you'll have that too.

An orthopedic surgeon told me once that there are no life-threatening orthopedic emergencies. Similarly, there are really no exercise education emergencies... only expectations, which are sometimes void of the realities of life.