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CorePAD® Reverse


Product Description

Designed specifically for the purely lumber motion performed in a properly executed reverse crunch.

When properly placed (and proper execution and control are used to eliminate shoulder motion) this pad can be ideal for very advanced clients.

Surprisingly, it has also been found to work well for people with a great deal of lumbar extension but limited flexion as a flat surface allows them zero motion opportunity without cheating via the shoulder girdle.

WARNINGS: Please review/learn the objective differences between crunches and reverse crunches relative to spinal motion and forces! Properly performed reverse crunches are NOT a linear progression from crunches! Many clients and virtually all patients will never tolerate reverse crunches.


Any pathology or condition of the spine for which this pad has been used for rehabilitation can just as easily become a contraindication for its use in the hands of those who do not fully understanding the precise implications of the specific spinal condition and/or do not understand the process of MicroProgression®. Furthermore, "apparently healthy" individuals can demonstrate lack of tolerance for any exercise or motion taken to extremes. Conditions for which the use of this pad should be restricted or prohibited until further evaluation of its impact and tolerance by the individual client include but are not limited to:

  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Harrington rods
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Narrowing of the intervertebral foramen
  • Spinal fusion
  • Various disk pathologies
  • Structural instabilities of the spine
  • Sacroiliac dysfunctions
  • Pregnancy

NOTE: Precise use of all RTS Exercise Tools is not as obvious as it may seem. They are not recommended for use by trainers that have not attended RTS courses that include detailed execution, progression, and cuing of/on the specific device!
In fact, if you think use of any of these tools can be generalized or standardized without considering the idiosyncratic realities of each and every individual then you obviously don’t understand it’s purpose nor the forces and internal influences associated, so please do not purchase from RTS.