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Webbing Handles (pair)


Product Description

Webbing handles are designed to allow any cable exercise to be performed in any radioulnar position.

See how the ease of changing "grip" (radioulnar) position with single webbing handles offers tremendous advantages for individual's with positioning limitations as well as in the customized set up, performance, and Strategic Variation during cable chest exercises, triceps exercises, and elbow flexors.

Approximately 10 inches long when the handles are positioned as shown.

NOTE: Precise use of all RTS Exercise Tools is not as obvious as it may seem. They are not recommended for use by trainers that have not attended RTS courses that include detailed execution, progression, and cuing of/on the specific device!
In fact, if you think use of any of these tools can be generalized or standardized without considering the idiosyncratic realities of each and every individual then you obviously don’t understand it’s purpose nor the forces and internal influences associated, so please do not purchase from RTS.