Contraction Tools™

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Restraint Strap


Product Description

This plastic buckle is more economical and ideal for standard uses to assist in anchoring the body for stable-base exercises. This buckle adjusts from one side.

Perfect for placing around the knees for a calf exercise on a leg press, around the hips for standing calves, to create bilateral lower extremity use on a torso rotation machine, and many more uses.

Eight foot strap made of 2" webbing; single adjusting plastic buckle.

: Theses belts are for restraint of the body to improve support during output oriented exercises. They are not for holding equipment, weights, etc. When used as recommended there should never be more than 50 pounds applied statically, which is more than enough for use as demonstrated in RTSm classes. They are not guaranteed once used due to any abuse to which they may have been subjected. Please insure that both sides of the buckle are fully engaged before use!

These buckles are not rated by the manufacturer.

NOTE: Precise use of all RTS Exercise Tools is not as obvious as it may seem. They are not recommended for use by trainers that have not attended RTS courses that include detailed execution, progression, and cuing of/on the specific device!
In fact, if you think use of any of these tools can be generalized or standardized without considering the idiosyncratic realities of each and every individual then you obviously don’t understand it’s purpose nor the forces and internal influences associated, so please do not purchase from RTS.