Proper Progression is a Tough Sell

Everybody wants immediate results. However, the effects of poor progression can be severe, far-reaching, and even systemic. Not only do we take progression too lightly, but we're actually conditioned to think that "shocking your body" is the key to success... and we're led to believe that the often injurious effects are signs of a "good workout." In fact, some professionals don't even realize that delayed onset muscle soreness is actually an indication of a degree of injury.

No matter how fast you want to change, your body can only adapt in microscopic steps at the cellular and chemical level. Therefore progression should be implemented in the smallest reasonable "MicroProgressive" steps. This applies to all areas that can be manipulated or progressed: control, rom, unstable surfaces, effort, intensity, speed, reps, sets, load, "cardio" time, etc. The bottom line is that progression is much, much more than simply adding weight or adding "wobble"!

MicroProgression™ is not only considered to be a key to long-term success, but it is also a key to reducing risk. The implementation of this RTS principle allows for improvement in both tissue integrity and motor performance. MicroProgression™ also dictates that an assessment never exceed the current ability.

How much is enough? "The least amount of unaccustomed activity!"