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Electives & Continuing RTS Education

                      Beyond Isometrics  ●  CDU: Cuing, Doing, & Updates  ●  Continuum Training: Investigation & Progression   ●  The Hypertrophy Equation

These courses have been created for three reasons:

  1. To offer greater detail and practical experiences in very specific areas of interest and practitioner skill set acquisition
  2. To provide updates and "refreshers" for those who have not attended an RTS course in a year or two. Anyone who has returned for any specific course, even in as little as six months, knows very well that the information and/or it's delivery is constantly evolving. Any student who hasn't attending a course in 4 or more years is exponentially behind in the RTS evolution.
  3. To provide a non-prereqiusite introduction to RTS by learning directly from the founder and uniquely masterful presenter and industry innovator, Tom Purvis.

Details for each course can be found under "view details" next to the events on the schedule below.