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2021 RTS REBOOT "get-off-your-ass-and-get-on-a-plane" discounts:

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Taught exclusively by Tom Purvis, this class has become very popular with every level of RTS student from those just wanting to experience RTS for the first time to certified RTSm's returning for continuing ed.

This elective was created in 2013 for two reasons:

1) A one-stop shop for RTSm continuing education: updates from all five mastery modules (Sci1, Sci2, Sp/Tr, LE, and UE).

2) It has become apparent that the vast majority of RTS students, including both mastery students and mastery certified have not personally explored their own Exercise Experiences anywhere near the degree encouraged and expected of a Resistance Training Specialist! From Resistance Profiles to degrees of effort, the actual performance of specific exercises must be continually explored on a personal.

Ultimately, and most importantly, one’s communication skills associated with teaching and cuing must continually evolve as a result of both personal experience and client response.

This course is designed not only to refresh and enhance both understanding and skills, but also as a measure of personal accountability!

Very Limited Enrollment:
Maximum of 8 students! (enrollment may vary for private or discounted courses)

Day 1:
9:00-12:00 Classroom updates
1:00-5:00 Classroom or hands-on depending update desires and needs of the individual students.

Day 2
9:00-12:00 Hands-on exercise performance, instruction, and cuing techniques
1:00-5:00 Hands-on continued

Day 3
9:00-1:00 Hands-on exercise performance, instruction, and cuing techniques