RTS Mastery (RTSM)

The RTS Mastery level is not named for a final level of achievement. It is based upon the classic principles of mastery: the discipline for exploring and examining the details in depth, the wisdom of evolving beyond protocols by developing a thought process and, the surrender of biases and emotional attachments to be replaced by objectivity, and the unconditional love for the process of life-long learning.

RTSM encompasses 20 days divided into five modules that can be taken over any time period from five months to several years (however, there is a two year limit if you are hoping to test and become certified). After Science 1 the modules may be taken in any order, but are recommended as follows:

  • RTSM Science 1: Musculoskeletal Mechanics - 3.5 days (prerequisite)
  • RTSM Science 2: Resistance Mechanics - 3.5 days
  • RTSM Spine/Trunk - 3.5 days
  • RTSM Lower Extremity - 3.5 days
  • RTSM Upper Extremity - 3.5 days

The following are no longer required for certification due to the infrequency of their scheduling, but they can still be quite valuable in the education of an advanced exercise professional depending upon his/her direction of interests and desired scope of practice. Please note that these courses are NOT administered by RTS.

  • Cadaver Anatomy - One weekend (1 to 1.5 days) in Pittsburgh, Connecticut, or Chicago (The RTS approved version is very different from a university class. Its focus is on seeing relationships between force and musculoskeletal anatomy, not just naming things.)
  • Muscle Activation Techniques' "Jump Start" Classes - Three 2 day courses available only through MAT. (Not required for those who have completed the MAT internship, but still recommended.)
  • Force and the Nervous System: The Neurophysiological Effects of Force Application – 3.5 days presented by Jacques Taylor.

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