RTS Mastery (RTSM)

The RTS Mastery level is not named for a final level of achievement. It is based upon the classic principles of mastery: the discipline for exploring and examining the details in depth, the wisdom of evolving beyond protocols by developing a thought process and, the surrender of biases and emotional attachments to be replaced by objectivity, and the unconditional love for the process of life-long learning.

RTSM encompasses 20 days divided into five modules that can be taken over any time period from five months to several years (however, there is a two year limit if you are hoping to test and become certified). The modules may be taken in any order, but are recommended as follows:

  • RTSM Science 1: Musculoskeletal Mechanics - 3.5 days (prerequisite)
  • RTSM Science 2: Resistance Mechanics - 3.5 days
  • RTSM Spine/Trunk - 3.5 days
  • RTSM Lower Extremity - 3.5 days
  • RTSM Upper Extremity - 3.5 days

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