Trainers and Coaches

Is RTS® right for you?

There is really just one question... how high are your standards? Do you look around the gym and shake your head at what's being sold as quality training or coaching? They all think they're the elite! But do you!

Becoming a true Exercise Professional is not just about having a business card, working at a gym, or becoming a Crossfit® coach. It’s not about obtaining a degree or certification. These are commendable, but memorizing general and often inapplicable information does not create the investigative and decision making skills required to function as a true professional. Most PhD’s in Exercise Science still perform exercises as taught by their jr. high coaches. Training a celebrity is no sign of exceptional ability or expertise. And the fact that winning trophies or having great abs alone are all too often considered credentials for understanding an individual’s idiosyncratic needs is a ludicrous and deceitful. Absolutely anyone can mindlessly watch a client or patient throw around weight (or his/her body), make a workout excessively hard, and count reps. The real challenge is to make it appropriate for the individual in terms of mechanical, neurological, tissue, and immune system progression. To actually monitor every fraction of every rep, and then continue, regress, abort, modify, or progress as indicated by the individual’s feedback and control.

First and foremost, becoming a true Exercise Professional is about shifting focus from you, and what you like and do, toward being focused and concerned solely on and for the client and what's appropriate for his/her needs and goals. It's what you progressively learn about his/her ever-changing abilities and tolerances, and your skill in manipulating accordingly all of the six factors/variables that comprise an exercise!

Anyone can train the exceptionally force-tolerant athlete. No great skill required there. That demographic is catered to by the vast majority of “coaches” and trainers. The reality is that the fitness industry caters to already fit people! But the primary focus of RTS is the knowledge and skill set to help the largest demographic… the broad spectrum of “real people”.

"Real people" range from the physically compromised to the healthy but deconditioned who have never liked exercise, in large part because they are intolerant of the way it is offered. Real people are not built for exercise the way it is offered by those who are. They are often not orthopedically or neurologically tolerant of exercise the way those who love exercise often are. While facilities and trainers market to this group, they do not serve them, at least not in a meaningful, appropriate, or professional manner. The biggest business opportunity in the entire fitness industry lies in the skilled professional service of the spectrum of real people!

RTS offers levels of education that progresses up to the most advanced in the industry. The primary focus is on the creation, execution, progression, and delivery of Client-Defined, Custom Fit Exercise®.

RTS is the only educational program that teaches you how to:

  1. Create Client-Defined™, Custom Fit Exercise® for the entire Functional Continuum® and across the entire Exercise Continuum®
  2. Evolve beyond canned assessments that do not directly or correctly impact exercise decisions and
  3. Create, progress, and deliver exercises for any goal or demographic
  4. Understand Strength Profiles and strategically alter Resistance Profiles accordingly
  5. Evolve beyond the paint-by-number protocols accepted as the standards of the industry by honing the skill of professional decision making for each individual on each and every rep
  6. Masterfully orchestrate each client's outcome and Exercise Experience™ by ...
    • matching the individual's ever-changing exercise needs and expectations
    • strategically altering sensation with exercise mechanics and intention
    • progressing appropriately while decreasing joint wear
    • and through customized delivery

When you offer this much value it's easier to sell your services, maximize your income potential, and improve client retention... you become indispensable!

In all honesty, if you are completely satisfied with the way things are in your daily practice, if can honestly say that you are entirely confident that there is nothing more that you could learn or do to alter the outcomes or exercise experiences of your patients or clients, then RTS is probably not for you least not at this point in your career.

However, if you have exceedingly high standards of practice… far above the accepted standards of the exercise industry. If you take your career seriously and are always evolving and growing (because exercise wasn’t a default job you chose simply because you didn’t like accounting or because you just love to exercise yourself) …and if recognize that this is about your clients, not you then you may be ready to evolve away from the status quo and the low but accepted standards of the fitness industry. You are ready to become one of the few true Exercise Professionals and along the way help raise the bar for the entire industry.