RTSm Roster

RTSm Certified (as of March 2020)    

* An asterisk represents passing with "Honors" (a distinction only available as of September 2012)

Former RTSm Certified who have not kept up with RTSm updates within two year periods are no longer on this list

Name Location Email Date Certified
Asseiceira, Pedro  Lisbon, Portugal [email protected] Jan-18
* Asselin, Etienne Ottowa, Ontario [email protected] Nov-14
Baruta, Eduard London, England [email protected] Jun-18
Bentz, Daniel Chicago, IL [email protected] Jul-13
Braun, Jason Washington DC [email protected] Jul-09
* Bridges, Michael K FT Campbell, KY [email protected] Aug-18
Castillo, Omar Mexico City, Mexico [email protected] Mar-07
Cates, Charlie Chicago, IL [email protected] Jun-13
Chiasson, Peter Toronto, Ontario In Memorium Oct-05
Dansevich, Stephen Austin, TX [email protected] Aug-15
DeBaun, Joe NYC, NY [email protected] Dec-14
Deschampheleire, Kim Albuquerque, NM [email protected] Nov-11
Durón, Ricardo Mexico City, Mexico [email protected] Apr-12
Errington, Julie Schaumburg, IL [email protected] Jan-17
Fairman, Ryan  Chicago, IL [email protected] Jan-17
Ferguson, Blair Los Angeles, CA [email protected] Oct-11
Ferguson, Clarence Phoenix, AZ [email protected] Mar-08
Flores, Daniel NYC, NY [email protected] Aug-13
Freiday, David E Toronto, Ontario [email protected] Sep-08
Gallagher, Kirsten Toronto, Ontario [email protected] Mar-16
Glickstein, Eric A. Chicago, IL [email protected] Dec-15
Goulden, Michael London, England [email protected] Feb-09
* Grose, George Vancouver, BC [email protected] May-18
Graney, Chris Shelton, CT [email protected] Aug-01
Hall, Austin J Seattle, WA [email protected] Mar-20
Haugk, Glenn Dallas, TX [email protected] Aug-14
Hess, Steve Denver, CO [email protected] Sep-16
Holtzman, Erick Inglewood, CA [email protected] Apr-18
Ketanont, Chatwalit Los Angeles [email protected] Jun-09
Killian, Glen Dallas, TX [email protected] Jul-00
Kimpston, Martin Chicago, IL [email protected] Jul-16
* Kneller, Scott Whispering Pines , NC [email protected] Feb-18
Kroth, Ryan Chicago, IL [email protected] Mar-15
Lakanen, Aaron Cincinnati, OH [email protected] Feb-08
Leavitt, Bill Overland Park, KS [email protected] Apr-01
Lee, Mary Ann Toronto, Ontario [email protected] Sep-13
Long, Meredith NYC, NY [email protected] Nov-17
Malucelli, Mariane Brazil [email protected] Sep-03
Marcon, Júlia Brazil [email protected] Apr-17
McCLure, Jason Shanghai, China [email protected] Jun-03
McNeely, William St. Louis, MO [email protected] Aug-18
McWilliam, Scott Chicago, IL [email protected] Sep-12
Mischey, Tremayne Toronto, Ontario [email protected] Apr-13
Murphy, Sean  London, England [email protected] Jun-18
O'Connor, Brandon Austin, TX [email protected] Oct-14
* Pariselli, Eric Toronto, Ontario [email protected] Jun-14
* Pereira, Eloi  Sao Paulo, Brazil [email protected] Mar-15
Phillips, Christian Los Angeles, CA [email protected] Sep-11
* Pinho, Nuno Filipe Espinho, Portuagal [email protected] Nov-17
* Ratatsidis, Kenny Toronto, Ontario [email protected] Feb-19
Reed, Dave Indianapolis, IN [email protected] Apr-09
Rodriguez, Jorge Mexico City, Mexico [email protected] Feb-09
Schab, Brian Chicago, IL [email protected] Apr-15
Silva, Michael Norwell, MA [email protected] Mar-06
Sutton, Lonnie Dallas, TX [email protected] Sep-17
Trotta, Samual Toronto, Ontario [email protected] Jun-09
Van Zandt, Steve Ft. Lauderdale, FL [email protected] Jun-17
* Verboom, Matthew J Toronto, Ontario [email protected] May-17
* Walker, Doug Phoenix, AZ [email protected] Nov-17