RTS Principles

RTS Principles

Although over the decades many of these have been "borrowed" RTS principles and specific information (commonly with inaccuracy and without referencing*), RTS Principles are perspectives, practices, and skills sets unique to the RTS Programs.

They were developed by Tom Purvis and continue to evolve in scope and implementation over the decades as demanded by the responses of thousands of individual clients and patients as they underwent the introduction to and progression of truly custom designed, custom delivered and progressively executed physical challenges and experiences.

These principles are vital to becoming a true Resistance Training Specialist™. They untether an exercise professional from the traditional, one-size-fits-all “choreography” and protocols, and their pseudo-support “sound bites” and the inherent inadequacies therein.

These perspectives are integral to fully understanding and implementing exercise as a true professional. In fact, they are key to the process of Rethinking Exercise, because exercise as traditionally taught, thought, executed, and dispensed by certified and degreed trainers and coaches is one miniscule notch above the consumer level of understanding… a reality that goes unrecognized and incomprehensible until fully and openly experienced at RTS3.

*The vast majority of those espousing similar (or identical) information are knowing or unknowingly part of an "RTS lineage". In other words, either they have personally participated in some level of RTS education over the decades, or have had a teacher who participated at some level in the long and ever-evolving history of RTS. This in no way authorizes them to teach any of the copyrighted information as their own... and ALL RTS information is copyrighted!

Furthermore, it is a mistake to assume that any former student of Tom Purvis or RTS (certified or not) fully understands the information correctly or accurately, or is well-versed enough represent the concepts or sciences. Additionally, RTS is continually evolving and last year's information is way behind. Even former instructors are not up to date and most have never heard of some of the principles that are now paramount.

If you're curious, ask your teacher where they acquired specific information, or to explain exactly when, where and how they came to see or understand a specific concept or idea. They will typically be incensed. On the other hand Tom will tell you the exact year and scenario that led to any specific he teaches.