Levels Overview & Details

RTS® currently offers three levels of courses
...and where you start is up to you!

RTS is for the exercise professional, and therefore focuses on exercise design, execution, delivery,
and decision making for the individual client or patient.

RTS levels are not just money-driven sequels to the same movie!
Each level is truly a progression of information and experiences.

Because each student presents with a different level of prior experiences and understandings,
each is free to begin where geography, finances, and judgement dictates.

That said, be leery of those who claim to know about "RTS" based upon a one level of participation
or even a year old experience of this constantly evolving program.
Likewise, don't represent yourself as knowing about "RTS" without having experienced
it in the most recent incarnation, or more importantly, at the most advanced level.

Furthermore, don't assume the information and experiences of one level represent another level.
No one judges a university's PhD program by its 101 classes.


The RTS1 Course is the first step beyond the one-size-fits-all
protocols and choreography of personal trainer certifications.

The goal of RTS1 is to begin the path of a true Exercise Professional
by learning to see exercise in a much deeper manner

that only the study and application of Exercise Mechanics can offer.

While universities focus on the physiological responses to exercise,
RTS1 focuses on the unexplored, yet primary factor...

the design of the exercise itself... the stimulation that produces the response.
While they look at averages and numbers, RTS1 focuses on the principles required
to design Client-Defined™, Custom Fit Exercise®.

RTS1 is 14 hours of lecture and 14 hours of practical.
(RTS1 was created specifically for students residing outside of the US, UK, and Canada)


RTS2 evolved out of the former RTS123 and then RTS Practical.

In total, RTS2 is 100 hours of Online Lectures and 48 hours of Practical Lab.

The scope of RTS2 Practical Labs includes the analysis and delivery of
resistance exercises for "real people" and "general fitness".
It does NOT include the specifics of decision making associated
with rehab, sports performance, bodybuilding, etc. These topics are covered in RTS3.

Optional written exam and practical exams will be available Q3 2020.
(RTS1 is not required to enter RTS2)


Formerly RTSM, RTS3 is an extremely advanced program taught exclusively by Tom Purvis.

RTS3 is consists of over 150 hours of prerequisite online lectures (view)
and 72 hours of Advanced Hands-on Labs.

The RTS3 Advanced Hands-On Labs (Spine/Trunk, LE, and UE) are three 3-day sessions in Oklahoma City, OK.
(RTS2 is not required to enter RTS3)

Optional written exam and practical exams will be available Q3 2020.

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