Courses Overview & Details

All RTS® Levels of Education Focus on
Live Practical Labs and Hands-on Training

Each RTS level has associated prerequisite lectures.
The amount and depth of prerequisite information is
by the requirements of the associated practical experiences.

RTS is for the unbiased exercise professional, and therefore focuses on exercise design, execution, delivery, and decision making for the individual client or patient. It focuses on professional skills required for the varying needs of a client. RTS is not focused on the biases, beliefs, likes and fitness goals of the trainer!

While universities focus on the physiological responses to exercise, RTS focuses on the unexplored, yet primary factor...
the design of the exercise itself... the stimulation that produces the response. While they look at averages and numbers, RTS focuses on the principles required to design Client-Defined™, Custom Fit Exercise®.


You choose where to start!

Is geography a limitation for you?
Maybe you prefer a solid introduction in Exercise Mechanics
and the Continuum Training® thought process before going to RTS Mastery.
If either of those is the case choose a local or nearby Foundations Practical
after you have completed prerequisite Video Lectures.

However, if you are ready for the ultimate in paradigm shift, start down the road of RTS Mastery.
50-60% of Mastery students come from outside of the US.
Dive into the required online Video Lecture prerequisites and when you have mastered that information,
join the best, brightest, and most unbiased, committed learners at the Advanced Hands-on Labs!


RTS Foundations

While being introductory and basic for RTS education, it is quite challenging for those with traditional exercise mind sets. It is client-focused and therefore demands a shift from being an exercise enthusiast who offers his/her own workout to everyone toward a truly professional mindset wherein the goals, and more importantly the current needs of the individual client or patient take precedence.

The RTS Foundations Course is the first step into the principles for client-defined decision-making required of a true professional. It extends beyond the one-size-fits-all protocols and choreography of personal trainer certifications.

The goal of Foundations is to begin the path of a true Exercise Professional by learning to see exercise in a much deeper manner that only the study and application of Exercise Mechanics can offer.

While certifications and university programs look at averages, numbers, and generalizations, Foundations focuses on the principles required to design Client-Defined™, Custom Fit Exercise®.

It is advanced compared to any current certification, but as the homepage clearly states: "RTS - Advanced Training for the Exercise Professional."

English speaking countries with local instructors:

  • The scope of RTS Foundations Practical Labs includes the analysis and delivery of resistance exercises for "real people" and "general fitness". It does NOT include the specifics of decision making associated with rehab, sports performance, bodybuilding, etc. These topics are covered in RTSM.
  • Foundations Practical Lab instructors are currently located in Chicago, DC, Toronto, London, and Ft. Lauderdale. They schedule classes at their facilities throughout the year, typically within 3-4 months of the starting date.

Countries requiring translation and traveling instructors:

  • Lecture and Practical sites are hosted and promoted locally.
  • The Lectures and Practicals are live and the itineraries vary.
  • Currently travel restrictions prohibit scheduling in many countries.
  • For more information on specific countries, contact Dr. Mark Slavin, International Director, at

More details can be found on RTS Foundations Details.


RTS Mastery

RTSM (RTS Mastery) is an extremely advanced hands-on program taught exclusively by Tom Purvis. It is called "mastery" because true mastery is NOT a final achievement. It is quite the opposite! The hallmark of a true master of any skill is a passion and commitment to lifelong learning. True masters live in humble recognition of the fact that the more they learn, the more they find that they don't know. That higher levels of knowledge and skill are attained only by maintaining and embracing the mindset and status of a beginner! Masters are not "memorizers" or protocol followers. They are thinkers and problem solvers. They do not preach generalizations, but continually explore scenario specific solutions.

The sole purpose of lower level RTS courses is to provide incremental educational progression toward this level of educational experiences, primarily the hands-on experiences provided only by the founder. That said, anyone can come straight to RTSM if they are extremely prepared.

RTSM is consists of over 150 hours of online Video Lectures and 72 hours of Advanced Hands-on Labs. (Please click here to go to RTSM Details for more on the Lectures and Labs)

The RTSM Advanced Hands-On Labs (Spine/Trunk, LE, and UE) are three 3-day sessions in Oklahoma City, OK.


  • RTS levels are not just money-driven sequels to the same movie!
  • Each level is truly a progression of information and experiences.
  • Because each student presents with a different level of prior experiences and understandings, each is free to begin where geography, finances, and judgement dictates.


  • Be leery of those who claim to know anything about "RTS" who have not attended RTSM ... even if they attended more than two years ago, they are not up to date with this constantly evolving program.
  • Likewise, do not represent yourself as knowing about "RTS" without having experienced it in the most recent incarnation, or more importantly, at the most advanced level.
  • Furthermore, don't assume the information and experiences of one level represent another level.
  • No one judges a university's PhD program by its 101 classes.