RTS3 Optional Exams

RTS3 Optional Exams

As registered trademarks, the titles RTS, Resistance Training Specialist, RTS3 and Resistance Training Specialist Level 3 can only be legal used upon successful completion of the optional written and practical exams (available Q3 2020).

The comprehensive written exam covering the online courses 1000-5000 will be proctored and limited to eight hours. If the RTS2 written exam has already been successfully completed, then only the level 5000 written exam is required.

The RTS3 practical exam will be 4 hours on the gym floor with RTS founder Tom Purvis. The exams can be taken on back to back days.

To ensure student identity and consistency or procedures the exams are only offered in Oklahoma City. There is no other way to represent yourself as a Resistance Training Specialist® without presenting your knowledge and skill set to the person who has defined the distinction for 30 years... and also legally owns the words.

Full participation in the three RTS3 Advanced Hands-on Labs is required if one's goal is to undergo the optional exam process. Please note that while these modules may be taken over any time period from a few months to several years, there is a two-year limit if you are hoping to take the associated exams and become RTS3 certified.

Note: Continued use of these titles can only be through maintaining RTS standards and participation in approved continuing education consistent with RTS principles.