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Please review the RTS2 Practical Labs Prerequisites thoroughly (go)

RTS2 Practical Labs:

RTS2 Practical registration by phone = $600 per module, registration online = $550 per module

Choose the RTS2 Practical bundle for the specific series starting with the respective Spine/Trunk module and SAVE $300 more off the online price by registering online for S/T, LE, & UE at the same time!!! ($1350) This is for the three "Practical" classes and does not include online "Lectures". Lectures and Practical are quite obviously two entirely different things.

NOTE: Registration within seven days of a course date cannot be completed online.

(All course admin and site requirements are completed and all course materials are shipped seven days prior to course date. Registrations after that date cannot be completed online or for the online price. Labor and expense incurred for already completed course support must be repeated for each individual registering in the last seven days.)

Please note:

  • RTS is for the Exercise Professional, and therefore focuses on exercise design, execution, and delivery for the client.
  • The scope of RTS2 Practical includes the analysis and delivery of resistance exercises for "real people" and "general fitness".
  • It does not include exercises or demographics associated with rehab, sports performance, bodybuilding, etc

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