Level 3 Location, Travel, Hotels, Transportation, Parking, etc.

Course Location

RTS3 Classroom

11201 N. May Avenue, Suite A
OKC, OK 73120


Many students have had great results finding nice and economical Airbnb locations close to RTS, sometimes even walking distance. If you’ve used Airbnb before then you are well aware that availability fluctuates. Furthermore, past students have on occasion banned together and found entire houses or condos to accommodate two-four people.

Host Hotel
Springhill Suites by Marriott – Quail Springs:  Please see the link below for a discount rate (note that the negotiated discount may not be as good as what you might find for given dates on discount travel and hotel websites). The Springhill offers a shuttle that goes to class in am around:  8:45. Please do not try to schedule a shuttle earlier when other people in the class are likely to be counting on this specific time of departure.

SpringHill Suites by Marriott - OKC North/Quail Springs
3201 W. Memorial Rd
OKC, OK 73134
Phone: 405.749.1595 

Go to www.marriott.com/okcsh

  1. Enter your dates of arrival and departure
  2. On the same page, go to Special Promotions drop down menu
  3. Under Corporate, enter the code “U5R” (without the quotation marks
  4. Or call and use “RTS” for the nightly rate of $99 for 2018

Fridge and microwave in each room.
Hotel shuttle available to nearby restaurants, stores, gyms, etc.

Other neighboring hotels:

Holiday Inn - OKC North/Quail Springs
13800 Quail Springs Parkway
OKC, OK 73134
Phone: 405.286.9393

Hilton Garden Inn - OKC North/Quail Springs
3201 NW 137th St
OKC, OK 73134
Phone: 405.752.5200

Four Points Sheraton - OKC / Quail Springs
3117 NW 137th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73134
Phone: 405.418-8448

La Quinta Inn & Suites - OKC North/Quail Springs
3003 W. Memorial Rd
OKC OK 73134
Phone: 405.755.7000

Do not wait to make your reservations. The transport hotel books up virtually every week as do the closest neighboring hotels listed above. Make your reservations at least 30 days in advance if possible. Transportation to/from the course is provided only from the Springhill and for Springhill guest.

If you want a roommate to split the cost of the room, let us know. Another attendee may be interested also.

Travel Recommendations

Reconsider last flights out. The occurrence of delays leading to excessively late night arrivals or even until the next day are all too common. The course is too expensive to miss any portion and full attendance is required if you ever hope to sit for the RTS Level 3 exam!

Unless you have a direct flight on another carrier, consider domestic flights on Southwest Airlines. You can only see southwest flights on southwest.com. You will NOT find their flights on Expedia, Orbit, Trivago, etc.


  1. Unlike any other airline you can cancel up till time of departure and while your ticket price may not include a refund, you can “bank your travel funds” for future use. All other airlines have considerably penalties/fees for changes.
  2. Up to 2 checked bags free
  3. You can sit anywhere (purchasing “early bird check in” for $15 is well worth it to be among the first 60 to board)
  4. More on time arrivals and commonly give out $100 vouchers when a flight is delayed for a considerable period of time


  1. Again, consider avoiding the urge to take the last flight into OKC. If delayed it sucks to get in at 4:00am the morning of an expensive class. If cancelled the next morning’s flights are often full so you often miss the bulk of the first day.
  2. Furthermore, full attendance is required if you ever hope to sit for the RTS Level 3 exam!
  3. Consider avoiding connections through Chicago O’hare, especially after 12:00pm.

From Airport:

  • Uber!
  • Airport shuttles are NOT provided by hotels in north OKC (i.e. those listed above).
  • Taxis and Airport Express shuttles are usually outside airport baggage claim on the lower level.

To/from workshop: 

  • For those staying at the SpringHill Suites, check for a list of RTS students for shuttle departure times to RTS.
  • The hotel is only 5 minutes away so 8:40 AM is adequate.

If you drive to class please do not park in any space directly in front of the building. These spaces should be respectfully reserved for patients and clients. If your car occupies this a space for 8 hours, 8 or more patients or clients will be unable to use that space, people that may have difficulty walking, etc.

Photography and Video Recording

Video recording of class is prohibited.
Audio recording is currently allowed.
Photographing clients, patients, or equipment in Focus On Fitness is strictly prohibited.


As your phone map will tell you, there are several nearby gyms for before and after class.
You are allowed to workout at Focus during lunch breaks (Tom’s facility used for the hands-on portions of class).

Two considerations:

  1. Focus is a personal training and rehab facility. Please be aware of the practitioners working with clients/patients relative to
    • loud, distracting, or inappropriate conversations
    • camping out on any specific machine for an extended period
  2. The principles taught in the RTS classes should be employed to the extent on your ability. Training with no regard for these principles, or without yet understanding them is unacceptable.
Purchasing Products During Class

If you wish to purchase products during a course please email Jennifer at [email protected] do so before Saturday. We understand that you may not be aware of a specific product until it is used in class and that may be later in the weekend. We are just trying to prevent delays in class due to last minute purchases that could have been completed earlier in the course.  


Thursday-Saturday: 9:00-5:00 (door opens at 8:45am)
Sunday: 9:00-12:00

Please form us of travel delays impacting that will delay your attendance to class. During Courses and the travel days, calls to RTS are transferred to Jennifer Purvis’s cell phone for direct communication.  888-553-6287 ext 42.

Travel Day Contact

Please form us of travel delays impacting that will delay your attendance to class. During Courses and the travel days, calls to RTS are transferred to Jennifer Purvis’s cell phone for direct communication.  888-553-6287 ext 42.