Intention & InTension™


Intention plays a monstrous role in the Exercise Equation. The manner or way in which an individual intends or attempts to move his/her body, a resistance device, etc. will in many cases influence the actual direction and therein the amount and effects off the resistance! This is why intention is positioned on the top row of the Exercise Equation... because it is part of the "HOW"... how the exercise is designed and how it is executed! M+P+R+I... these factors ARE the exercise!



InTension™ however, is a very different thing! InTension is focus placed on muscular contraction during the course of an exercise. There are numerous benefits to this for some individuals at some points with their progression. It can not only increase the challenge, but more importantly generates control and a version of monitoring muscular status (contractile ability and fatigue) that "just moving" cannot! It is a skill that should not be applied broadly or initially. While some claim it is somewhere between not useful and actually "bad", it becomes blatantly obvious these naysayers do not understand the "who, goal have own tolerate" of the client-defined delivery of exercise! When challenged to actually perform an exercise applying a degree of a version of InTension, they are incapable, meaning they never understood it in the first place.