Store Policies and Required Customer Perspectives

Regarding Product Usage:

  • Precise use of all Contraction Tools is not as obvious as it may seem.
  • They are not recommended for use by trainers that have not attended RTSm or CDU courses which include detailed execution, progression, and cuing of/on the specific device!
  • In fact, if you think use of any of these tools can be generalized or standardized without considering the idiosyncratic realities of each and every individual, then you obviously don’t understand it’s purpose nor the forces and internal influences associated, so please do not purchase from RTS.

Regarding Purchasing

  • This store is offered as a service to RTS students. It is not Amazon. We do not get volume shipping prices like the big online retailers.
  • Our prices shipping prices are as high as yours would be. Just go to UPS and find out how ridiculous it is.
  • Many items are offered purely as a convenience at the request of RTS students, eliminating the need to search for them and purchase from multiple sources.
  • As such there are many products that we do not get for wholesale. We pay the same price you would from the same retailer, so naturally we must mark them up to make it worth the trouble.
  • While several products are patented and only available through RTS, many such as carabiners, daisy chains, and magnet strips/rolls are available elsewhere. If you have time to search for them, you may save money on both the product and shipping.

Regarding Order Fulfillment :

  • Order fulfillment is not automated. They are processed as soon as possible, and in the order received.
  • Many items are hand made and may be out of stock after an RTSm course weekend, thus affecting fulfillment times.
  • There are no exercise product emergencies.
  • If you do not receive an automated order confirmation email please contact
  • If an order is returned as "undeliverable" due to an inaccurate address entered by the customer, additional shipping fees will be required before the item can be reshipped to another address.

Right of Refusal of Service

  • We will refuse service to anyone who does not act and interact with perspective and maturity in regard to the above.