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Welcome to the
Resistance Training Specialist Programs

Since 1997, the original advanced exercise education
curriculum for the THINKING PROFESSIONAL!

Light Years Beyond Online & Weekend Certifications

RTS® is not a club or team to join.
RTS is not for followers of gurus.
RTS is not a weekend course.
RTS does not empower you to speak for it online
or confront people on social media.

RTS is first and foremost an educational entity.

RTS is for students who are committed to and focused on
evolving their understanding of exercise in order to
customize their design, execution, and delivery of exercise
to meet the ever-changing needs and tolerances
of each individual client/patient.

It is not for those who just want another certification to adorn the wall!

RTS® is an incrementally progressive curriculum for the exercise professional
that is divided into three levels
wherein nothing can be memorized!

Foundational knowledge is vital!
And live practical/hands-on classes are demanded!
Professionals don't paint by number!

Thinking and decision making are everything!

If you ONLY want a piece of paper,
there are dozens of less demanding options!

If you want to evolve toward the true professional your clients deserve...
then welcome to the RTS® body of students.

Class Updates:

CDU has resumed!!!
More info on Courses & Registration > CDU

RTS2 Practical Labs will be resuming in the fall.
BE READY! Complete your Online Video Prerequisites NOW!

RTS3 Advanced Hands-On Labs are typically 50-60% international students.
This statistic will influence when classes resume.
Hopefully they will be resuming in the late fall
and look for a new extended all-in-one format option in 2021!
BE READY! Complete your Online Video Prerequisites NOW!

New dates will be added when available!
Check the schedules on Courses & Registration!

NOTE: YouTube videos are NOT prerequisites!


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