Welcome to the
Resistance Training Specialist Programs

Since 1997, the original advanced exercise education
curriculum for the THINKING PROFESSIONAL!

Light Years Beyond Online & Weekend Certifications

RTS® is not a club or team to join.
RTS is not for followers of gurus.
RTS is not a weekend course.
RTS does not empower you to speak for it online
or confront people on social media.

RTS is first and foremost an educational entity.

RTS is for students who are committed to and focused on
evolving their understanding of exercise in order to
customize their design, execution, and delivery of exercise
to meet the ever-changing needs and tolerances
of each individual client/patient.

It is not for those who just want another certification to adorn the wall!

RTS® is an incrementally progressive curriculum for the exercise professional
that is divided into three levels
wherein nothing can be memorized!

Foundational knowledge is vital!
And live practical/hands-on classes are demanded!
Professionals don't paint by number!

Thinking and decision making are everything!

If you ONLY want a piece of paper,
there are dozens of less demanding options!

If you want to evolve toward the true professional your clients deserve...
then welcome to the RTS® body of students.

NOTICE: Due to the recent resurgence in Covid cases in many countries and states, all hands-on classes are suspended until further notice. Some countries have shut down again. International travel continues to have restrictions making it unreasonable to schedule anything at this point in time.

"When will hands-on classes resume?" -everyone asks
Curiously some people have asked when classes will resume. It is unwise and somewhat childish to pretend to predict the future of this virus and its impact on travel and group settings. We are not interested in allowing students or instructors to be exposed during an RTS event. As soon as it is reasonable we will resume.

PLEASE NOTE that there are prerequisite videos for attending RTS2 or RTS3 classes. These are not to be simply "viewed", but to be LEARNED, and are critical to being able to fully participate in any hands-on class! Prior to shutdown, the level of student preparation was quite poor and it affected the classes. The sole purpose for these videos is preparation for hands-on! TAKE THIS TIME TO BECOME EXCEPTIONALLY PREPARED!!


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