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...And to the biggest evolution in the RTS® Program's 22 year history!!

With the evolution of the online Course Library you can now begin viewing topics that comprised (and now far exceed) the lectures previously associated with RTS and RTSm through an exclusive and limited early launch of PersonalTraining.com*. This backdoor access was created exclusively for RTS students. Previews of a few of these lectures can be viewed on the RTS YouTube channel.

The Course Library is divided into levels 1000-5000. Levels 1000-4000 are REQUIRED for RTS2 Practical. Levels 1000-5000 are REQUIRED for RTS3 Advanced Hands-on Labs!

Please see RTS2 Details and RTS3 Details for the latest course and exam information and requirements.

*PersonalTraining.com is owned and operated by Exercise Education, LLC.
Support for PersonalTraining.com can only be acquired via its site SUPPORT

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