Rehab and Medical Professional Tesimonials...

Read what these practitioners have said over the last two decades:

“What a great experience! RTSm is cutting edge!” -Ed Laskowski, MD, Co-director of Sports Medicine, Mayo Clinic

“As a physical therapist and personal trainer, I have spent countless hours in graduate level education and continuing education courses. I have even served as adjunct faculty in a doctorate of physical therapy program. I have found the education provided by the RTSm program is not available anywhere else.  RTSm's unparalleled teaching and exploration of biomechanics (specifically resistance mechanics) and its practical application has transformed my understanding of exercise and quite frankly, my career. The knowledge and skills I have gained through these courses have enabled me to customize exercise prescriptions in ways that were previously impossible. The Continuum Training® guides my decision making process in each and every session. Without a doubt, because of these courses, I have been able to help patients and clients with whom I would otherwise have been unsuccessful. The RTSm program is essential education for every health/fitness professional who employs exercise in their practice. I highly recommend it!”    -Doug Walker, PT, DPT, MATs, CSCS

“The knowledge I have received from RTSM has been very beneficial for me, my patients, and my clients. As a physical therapist, it is important to understand the anatomy of the joint, how it normally functions and then what happens as soon as load is applied. With the RTSM thought process, I have a much more in-depth understanding of the forces involved, the benefit of one loading/movement versus another and how to progress appropriately based on the pathology. This information was much more beneficial than my classes provided in school and any other program I have attended in the past. Because of this, my clients progress quickly and safely, as well as I am able to come up with several different ways to apply stress to the tissues in order to create the proper adaption I am after.”   -Brian Inselman, PT, DPT, MATSM, RTSM, CSCS, CPT, Omaha, NE

There is not a day in my physical therapy practice that goes by that I do not engage in the process taught to me at RTS. This is the process of considering how force is applied to and effects tissue. The teaching methods and materials presented are brilliant. Physics or mechanics is transformed from being a world of vague intimidating math problems to exciting concepts that you can use to help your patients.”   -Anna Kotula, DPT, Ojai, CA

RTSm opened my eyes, as well as those of my clients, to what the fitness professional really needs to know:  how to strategically apply forces and safely progress exercise.  The one visual I had regarding RTS is really hard to explain.  I feel like everything else is offering pieces of information and RTS just brings it all together. It's like all of these other programs, products etc. are just pieces of a puzzle.  RTS IS THE WHOLE PUZZLE.  If you have RTS, you can see the entire picture clearly and the individual components just fall into place.  Everyone else out there is selling pieces and trainers are repackaging those pieces and reselling them to an already confused public (that's why I constantly get asked what I think of this program or that).  Not only that, it raises the bar so to speak.  I picture a pole vaulter gliding over a bar.  RTS raises that bar...that makes it more difficult but soooo much more worthwhile than anything else out there.  I am always thinking in terms of pictures.  Don't know if any of that helps, but it is truly how I feel.”  -Lee Anne Siegmund, BSN, RN - Cleveland, OH

"Tom, once people are exposed to your work and style of presenting it they cannot help but to like it as you make the complex simple and tangible. I believe you too are genius presenter in your craft! I look forward to subscribing to the RTS site and seeing the progression of your work." - Curt McEntire, DC - Reno, NV

“The most influential teacher I have had in exercise is Tom Purvis at RTS.  The reason is that he teaches how to apply Newtonian mechanics to exercise. This means that you no longer need to learn or memorize high numbers of exercises. We learn to build exercises around a given individual based on what I think he presents as "user friendly" mechanical principles. When you can gain skill in seeing the patterns of dynamic internal and external force lines related to each other for a given movement or how they relate to moving joint axes/joint structures, you can manipulate exercise variables in such a meaningful way. By meaningful I mean that you can figure out how to build an exercise program that will not exacerbate even a complex mechanical injury, and that is so cool!”  -Anna Kotula, DPT, Ojai, CA

"Tom is like Picasso or DaVinci... there is nobody in the world that understands and teaches exercise like him. He is 100 years before his time! I first attended one of his presentations in the 80's and have watched him continue to evolve ever since." - Carlos Ortega, MD, Venezuela

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