Rehab and Medical Professionals

RTS®: Real Evidence-Based Exercise Responses and Outcomes

Physical Therapists and other practitioners of rehabilitation can benefit from RTSm more than any other profession... as long as you are willing to question the research, protocols, and accuracy and practicality of the presumptions that have plagued our professions for decades... all under the guise of evidence-based!

From understanding why all of the research on joint forces, which is virtually all void of acknowledging torque, is fatally flawed to why the squat objectively isn't closed chain, and why it's not the type of chain, but how it's loaded that determines joint forces, evidence-based practice is currently a well-meaning facade.

The realities of objective exercise mechanics expose much of the research-based evidence and conclusions to be inaccurate. Research can't be accurate unless all the variables are controlled and the objective truth is that the researchers appear to be completely unaware of the numerous mechanical variables of exercise.Furthermore, the only evidence that matters is the response of the individual patient for whom the statistical "averages" may not apply.

Ultimately, understanding the unbiased Function Continuum® and the scope of the Exercise Continuum® will forever change any practitioner's decision making process, as well as patient outcomes. Just "moving" is not enough. Truly understanding the application and progression of the resistance torque, as well as the strategic manipulation of intention are keys to the exercise equation!