RTS2 Details


  • RTS is for the exercise professional, and therefore focuses on exercise design, execution, and delivery for the client.
  • The scope of RTS2 Practical includes the analysis and delivery of resistance exercises for "real people" and "general fitness".
  • It does not include specifics of decision making associated with rehab, sports performance, bodybuilding, etc. These topics are covered in RTS3.
  • Prerequisites: Online lectures levels 1000 through 4000* (which are approximately 90% complete; currently 92 hours of approximately 105) available for viewing through an exclusive limited launch of PersonalTraining.com. This backdoor access was created exclusively for RTS students. Previews of a few of these lectures can be viewed on the RTS YouTube channel.

    There is no easy time to implement large changes in curriculum, processes, procedures, and in this case, prerequisites. While January is the starting date for the implementation of these prerequisites, we understand the short lead time and financial requirements may be prohibitive for those that have registered for January or February courses. The goal is to be able to increase the level of information presented in RTS2, therefore considerable prerequisite knowledge is expected. At this point please do your best to work through the prerequisite videos that are currently available. Although approximately 10% remain to be completed (by the end of January) the current 88 hours will dramatically alter your ability to participate in RTS2 Practical Labs. Between January and March of 2020 instructors will have increasing expectations of students having fully completed the prerequisites.

Each class will be conducted using and reinforcing the principles of the Continuum Training® thought process for creating Client-Defined, Custom Fit Exercise® to appropriately progress an individual along the Functional Continuum® via strategic decision making within the Exercise Continuum®. The foundational knowledge of Exercise Mechanics from the level 1000-4000 online lectures (Resistance Mechanics, Musculoskeletal Mechanics, and Orchestration) will be expected in order to participate fully.

RTS2 Practical is conducted as a group lab session with each demonstration and decision making discussions based upon a chosen subject or volunteer from the attendees. Class size and equipment availability determine the potential opportunities for each individual student to actually participate in true hands-on experiences.

RTS2 Practical Labs


  • Perform exercise specific assessment as well as constant monitoring and decision making: modify, adjust, allow, regress, progress, or abort
  • Get specific with the "warm up" by learning the CT version: PPFC - Progressive Preparation for Challenge
  • Learn to define the G.O.T.E - Goal of the Exercise, because progression often demands that the most appropriate exercise look nothing like the end goal
  • Identify the value and power of ownership (contractile control) as a primary determinant of progression
  • Determine the TOW (resistance-muscular response relationship) for each exercise
  • Determine the exercise specific ranges and planes of availability for each individual on each exercise and each set
  • Learn to recognize the influence of Tolerance/Stress Threshold on an individual's workout and progression
  • Learn to identify the appropriate levels of effort for the individual, whether it's associated with ounces or a thousand pounds
  • Identify a hierarchy of exercise value defined by influence on focused challenge (for improving function, output/tension production) vs. dispersed/down-regulated challenge (for the goal of body awareness and control)

Optional Exams

As registered trademarks, the titles RTS2 and Resistance Training Specialist Level 2 can only be legally used upon successful completion of the optional written exam and practical exams (available Q2 2020).

The comprehensive written exam covering online courses 1000-4000 is proctored and is limited to six hours. The RTS2 practical exam is 2 hours on the gym floor with RTS founder Tom Purvis. The exams can be taken on back to back days. To ensure student identity and consistency of procedures the exams are only offered in Oklahoma City.

Note: Continued use of these titles can only be through maintaining RTS standards and participation in approved continuing education consistent with RTS principles.

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