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Take a look at what these coaches and trainers, university students and professors have said about RTS® over the past two decades:

“As a physical therapist and personal trainer, I have spent countless hours in graduate level education and continuing education courses. I have even served as adjunct faculty in a doctorate of physical therapy program. I have found the education provided by the RTSm program is not available anywhere else.  RTSm's unparalleled teaching and exploration of biomechanics (specifically resistance mechanics) and its practical application has transformed my understanding of exercise and quite frankly, my career. The knowledge and skills I have gained through these courses have enabled me to customize exercise prescriptions in ways that were previously impossible. The Continuum Training® guides my decision making process in each and every session. Without a doubt, because of these courses, I have been able to help patients and clients with whom I would otherwise have been unsuccessful. The RTSm program is essential education for every health/fitness professional who employs exercise in their practice. I highly recommend it!”    -Doug Walker, PT, DPT, MATs, CSCS

“People love and GET continuum training. Unlike the former 123 course, I see a group of 17 like I had last weekend all clearly demonstrate that they felt a difference with the practical portion of exercise.Every single student, despite credentials asked some fantastic questions relating to how to transition their currently “external performance” based client-workouts to Internal. It was awesome. It is a huge difference from the 123. I had 6 retake students and they all commented on “how much more sense this made than before” -Brandon Green, former RTS Practical Instructor (and former RTS123 student).

“I have had a couple reminders over the last month just how grateful I am to have been exposed to great instruction and teaching, particularly teaching that empowers the use of reasoning and questioning rather than blind allegiance. One of the first things I studied with the Resistance Training Specialist program circa 2009 was G.O.T.E. (Goal of This Exercise) giving the freedom to build an exercise based on the goals and needs of a specific individual. This isn’t liberty to do any old shit you want and backfill it afterward with reasoning, but to create… think about a progression forehand. “What do you think about the exercise that this trainer is doing?” - I don’t know, I don’t have enough information! I don’t care what exercise gurus claim… it’s fine to do exercises that: 1) don’t maximize the most motor recruitment, 2) don’t have the highest EMG readouts, 3) have not scored as high in the research for any single particular marker, 4) and so on… because those may not be appropriate for the current needs and tolerances of the individual! Do you have a plan in place with your clients for which an exercise is part of a safe, strategic progression to help achieve a goal that you have agreed on? Are you a professional who can reconcile the indications and contraindications? Do you understand the steps within the process that may require exercises that don’t necessarily “look” like the macro goal but are key to addressing needs on the way to properly fulfilling wants? Then who cares what the in crowd thinks? They will be worshiping someone and something else next week anyway.”   –Pete Brown, Madison, WI, RTSmh (Honors)

“Graduating the RTSm program was a defining moment in my career. Believe me when I say “take RTS”! It will change the course of your life.”   – Brad Thorpe, Toronto, ONT

“RTS didn’t change the way you think… You did! Something inside of you was screaming for the truth, and it came through us” –This is what Tom said when I told him that RTS changed the way I think. Facing the truth and facing myself were the most difficult and incredible things that I’ve done in this process, but I’m definitely a better person now with much stronger “foundations”. THANK YOU Tom and Mariane [Malucelli] for being the greatest masters/teachers I could ever have!! You are both VERY special to me! This diploma is not just physically heavy… It brings with it the weight of a big change… A big step climbed of the staircase of life. I’M VERY, VERY HAPPY!!! THANK YOU!!!”   - Julia Marcon, Brazil

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“Just finished four days in OKC with IFBB pro Ben Pakulski pursing a deeper understanding, better (unbiased and unemotional) though process, and ultimately… hopefully… better application. And I wouldn’t leave my family if it wasn’t for the brain of arguably THE top Exercise Mechanics expert on our planet, Tom Purvis. Aside from digging into torso anatomy and mechanics this week, with Tom being a former meathead and lover of bodybuilding there was always enjoyable “talking shop” in between. And more than any knowledge I could ever gain from a book, Tom is a huge mentor for me to always try to improve my though process. A constant reminder to lose my biases. To take emotion, attachments, and ‘sound bites’ out of it and truly understand things. To not label or mindlessly follow things. AND Tom truly has, in many ways, the best equipped gym on the planet (that you’ve never heard of). Every single piece (which was some of the best equipment ever made in the first place), has been modified and improved. A true reminder of how stupid it is to go to the gym and “just do” exercises or just use equipment and not focus on finding the best possible way to accomplish a goal. Great week! I’ll be back soon!”   – Joe Bennett, @hypertrophycoach, Tampa, FL

“The knowledge I have received from RTSM has been very beneficial for me, my patients, and my clients. As a physical therapist, it is important to understand the anatomy of the joint, how it normally functions and then what happens as soon as load is applied. With the RTSM thought process, I have a much more in-depth understanding of the forces involved, the benefit of one loading/movement versus another and how to progress appropriately based on the pathology. This information was much more beneficial than my classes provided in school and any other program I have attended in the past. Because of this, my clients progress quickly and safely, as well as I am able to come up with several different ways to apply stress to the tissues in order to create the proper adaption I am after.”   -Brian Inselman, PT, DPT, MATSM, RTSM, CSCS, CPT, Omaha, NE

“Always learning! This time at an RTSm module with the master of mechanics himself Tom Purvis. This is THE man when it comes to understanding exercise, mechanics, force application, and strategic manipulation around exercise and progression. Plus his delivery is world class AND he’s an all-around badass of a guy. Joe Bennett and I came to continue to sharpen the sword.”    –Ben Pakulski, IFBB pro

“The RTS Missing Link seminar was the best professional course I've taken in this industry. You have to remember that I came from the exercise science classrooms at UTampa to the headquarters at NASM learning the "OPT Model" to the assessment courses at Lifestyle Family Fitness in Florida. All the professional education I knew had me thinking that everything was systematic and micromanaged by numbers and progression. So to go from that type of thinking and mindset and finally questioning everything to discover the real truth to training has been quite the journey. The missing link course was great not only for business, but also for the professional mindset. Learning to re-evaluate the client experience has been an amazing tool in my sessions. I think that we [trainers] get so concerned with our product that we overlook the delivery and experience.”    – Mike Clancy, MS,  NYC

“I have been trying to gather my thoughts since I returned to Toronto so that I could add my response to the many others that I am sure you have received since our RTSm Science week-end. I actually have felt a little disoriented and I think that is because my vision is changing.  My background is not science but philosophy.  I have spent my life trying to understand the world, relate to people and see the big truths behind obscure rationales…  Often the answers I have found have led to more questions.  Perhaps that is why the magnitude of the RTS thought process doesn’t intimidate me – I am used to being overwhelmed.  However, I am absolutely amazed by the simplicity of what you have presented to us and the fact that the principles of RTS permeate so deeply into our lives.  How have I ever understood the world, or perhaps the question is how did I ever presume to think that I could understand the world?  RTS has made things both easy to see and intricate beyond belief. I decided to practice MAT for a reason that I have never heard from any other practitioner. I wanted to help people but I primarily wanted the opportunity to learn something new every day of my life and never feel that I knew it all.  I never really understood until now the relevance of RTS to MAT.  Now I wonder how anyone could be an MAT practitioner without an understanding of physics.   I always felt after an RTS week-end that I was the desert after a really hard rain and that even though I needed that water, I couldn’t begin to absorb it as fast as it fell.  Thank you for sharing your vision and the principles of force with me. I look forward to an opportunity to apply RTS and the time when the Matrix doesn’t make me dizzy!!”   -Cathy Watson, Toronto, Ont

“Going to IRHSA for the RTSm Equipment Elective opened my eyes to how many equipment manufacturers out there get it wrong because they don't understand what they're trying to achieve. Tom's gym has all the good/better equipment that he has further modified so you really don't get to experience the “suckiness” of most of the other stuff. This visit reinforced to me the importance of trying out every piece and buying based on experience, not looks or persuasive marketing materials. Based on this educational experience I highly recommend this class to others! Thanks Tom Purvis for two days filled with relevant information and great guest speakers!”   - Kim Deschampheleire, Albuquerque, NM

“I truly enjoyed the class and the group.  Thank you also for doing what you do.  It’s not easy to find people in the fitness industry that have the same passion for learning and excitement about things like moment arms, resistance profiles and the true definition of exercise.  Not only does the material you present have a tremendous influence on my thought process during every aspect of my training/treatments and even life, but you have introduced some amazing people (total understatement) into my life.  THANK YOU! I look forward to testing in November - thanks for giving me the opportunity!”      -Michelle Amore, Chicago, IL

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“It's been tough but I am so happy I have been through the RTSm programme. The first 2 to 3 months after finishing I struggled trying to organise all the information into something that was usable for clients but I am at a point now where I am more confident than ever and getting good results. Plus I have been able to train myself without breaking down for a long time and as a result I have better body composition and I am the strongest I have ever been.  A colleague of mine has just been through the RTS123 with Michael and we were having a debate with one of the so called “advanced trainers” of the club and it got to the point where all we could do was laugh because the support for his argument was so poor. Actually nonexistent. Nothing more than a bunch of sound bites he memorized from a guru he worships. But it was good to see the effect of RTS on my colleague as he would not of even have questioned this trainers statements in the past. You just can't ignore this information as it's based on fact not magic!     -Ben Hearsum, London, England

“Just wanted to say I got my certificate in the mail today.  Super nice! I was shocked to find this thing on a nice wooden plaque, all mounted nice, etc.  This is the first cert I've gotten that was actually a challenge to get (felt I had to EARN this one, which is a first).  Anyways, the whole little presentation with the cert was really nice, instead of just getting some cheap piece of paper that will get lost in the shuffle (I'm big on the little things). Thanks again!”   -Chris Bremner, Minneapolis, MN

“I'm gonna make this short and to the point. I got into this fitness industry in 2006 with a simple certification that in no way gave me the ability to apply force to anyone's structure in a responsible way. It's funny how I guess some of us know this and hunted for truth in the dark ages of fitness. I thank you for your tireless efforts and restless nights. This is not a praise Tom. I want to be clear when I say this and do not care if you've heard it before. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to receive the one thing I always dreamed of... Truth, knowledge, purpose, ability. I cannot possibly describe the impact. Even as I lay here in the cancer care unit in the hospital battling something that has crippled me, hopefully temporarily, the family that I have from RTS is my heart and soul. Thank you.”   –Eric Pariselli, Toronto, Ont

“RTSm was without question the best money I've spent on my education.  I already held certifications from NSCA, NASM, Paul Chek, and a bunch of others before heading out to OKC.  It's not only that I enjoyed the experience more with RTS than those others, but that I learned the skills to extract more out of what I had already learned - and to bring a more critical eye to any new information. RTS is about exercise, sure.  You'll explore technical aspects of exercise with a depth completely absent from most discussions of the subject.  RTS really does offer the 'inside view' of exercise: how the forces we apply to the body affect its structures.  But more than that, becoming an RTSm is about developing a coherent thought process to govern exercise decisions.  Having this has allowed me to offer a greater value to my clients across the board, to better explain the benefits of conditioning to my students, and to get more from my own workouts.  The community of professionals willing to make the trip out there time and again is both uncommonly motivated and intelligent.  If you're the type of person who's interested in honestly exploring what you do in an environment with other competent, interested professional then you'll take away a lot from the experience.  I still try to go back every other year. It's probably not for everyone.  The days are long.  The information can be intense.  And there's an absence of the formulas and “routines” that largely characterize fitness education.  Like any true Mastery approach to education you will come away with as many questions as answers.  But I contend that RTSm’s are the most capable professionals in the exercise/rehab/fitness industry. It's well worth the time, effort, and investment.”    -Christopher Chilelli, NYC

“I just wanted to thank you for the course this past weekend! I found it extremely beneficial and found nearly everything presented to be directly applicable to my business, almost instantly making it better. Also.... I just had a client, a 50 year old male, tell me in the middle of his session (in which I did not do one single new "exercise") ‘WOW! I feel like I am really getting my money’s worth tonight.’ What a compliment!”      - Chris Hill

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“This morning as I was walking to my first client of the day/week, I told myself. “I will not shove my weekend course down my client’s throat".  I will not change what my client already declared a great experience just so I can try out this new stuff.  I will provide a usual experience she is used to and select 2-3 simple movements to apply RTS cuing and execution of the exercises and "feel" out how she reacts to them for later reference and use." Her joy and excitement (and mine as well) at successfully being internally aware, not just in the target area but in her "entire body, especially my legs and feet" and feeling a light sweat even though we only did one quality repetition, made me want to do more. She looked at me and asked "was this from what you learned this weekend?" I nodded.  "Can we do some more?" she asked "I really like how it made me feel!" The rest of the workout was unlike any other we had in the last 4 years!  And we have had some pretty awesome workouts many times before!  Our largest set was lat pulldowns during which she achieved 2 things she has NEVER successfully accomplished before (EVEN M.A.T. sessions and/or combined resistance training/MAT sessions).  Not once did I have to tell her "try to extend your thoracic spine/lift your sternum up to the ceiling", or "fully extend those elbows at the top." She was able to execute/maintain/repeat these without sacrificing ANYTHING else. In short Thanks!  Thanks Tom for undeniably GREAT AND USEFUL training material that I have not seen anywhere else in the industry in the last 17 years during which I've been a part of it.”   -Frederick Martinez

There is not a day in my physical therapy practice that goes by that I do not engage in the process taught to me at RTS. This is the process of considering how force is applied to and effects tissue. The teaching methods and materials presented are brilliant. Physics or mechanics is transformed from being a world of vague intimidating math problems to exciting concepts that you can use to help your patients.”   -Anna Kotula, DPT, Ojai, CA

“Had a great time this weekend at IHRSA and the RTSm Equipment Elective, and definitely liked seeing the industry from the non-training, conceptual side of things.  The Technogym talk was a very "Outliers-y" type session.  It was interesting to see through their lenses, and to now have that set of glasses to go to if needed, when assessing a situation.  Also, the initial industry history lesson was great.  It really gives a great prospective to what we are about to pour over. Again, I thought it was a great experience, and like in all RTS courses, I come back to work fired up and full of ideas.  You really do a great job of offering a challenging and stimulating environment.”   -J Braun RTSm CSCS, Washington, DC

“It's amazing how much the RTSm course has changed the way I view training and exercise in general. To be honest I can't remember how I used to think about... or NOT think about exercises. It certainly makes it a painful experience working out in commercial gyms now!”     -Kit Barker, London, England

“RTS has dramatically impacted my life not only as a fitness professional, but in every aspect of my life.  It opened my eyes to fact there is so much we miss many times because we don't take the time to break things down to its smaller parts and look at the relevance of each small part.   What role does each part play and under what circumstances will we optimize what is going on with that part. So the perspective I have about everything in life now is to take a more detailed look at things and never just go with the flow because it appears to be something we could do or should do. With this in mind I have now purchased a fitness studio called Integrated Health and Fitness in Southlake, Texas.  I will make sure that all my employees have some RTS exposure from the front desk to the baby sitters.  All trainers will have to go through the RTS program or they don't train for me.  I really don't care if they have the other certifications but they will have some RTS experience.  I have many of the certs out there and nothing comes close to the RTS experience.  This has translated into more referrals and more money!!!  I believe no facility should have trainers who don't have RTS backgrounds and really think this will be the trend of the future.”  -Dan Sprinkle, Dallas, TX

“I have been working with the Village President of Western Springs Illinois for about a 1 1/2 years now.  He has been suffering with lower back pain since he was 17 (he is now 63).  In the time we have been together his back pain has virtually disappeared.  He is riding his bike 40 - 60 miles a week and is thrilled to be doing something he never thought he would be able to do again.  I was able to modify his exercises to address his needs and make his workouts challenging yet safe and painless.  I credit RTS for giving me the tools think, postulate, and apply forces in ways that I never thought possible. My client was so happy with his success that after a 6 months of work, he asked me to work with his senior staff.  The staff consists of 12 department heads including the Chief of Police, her Lieutenant Chief, Fire Chief, and Deputy Fire Chief. Over the last year, the police and fire departments have requested that I design and give a lecture series to their officers and become a regular part of their professional training schedule. They requested that I "not give them workouts to follow, rather give them the tools necessary to understand what happens when they workout and how THEY can make changes to insure success."  The Deputy Fire Chief has entrusted me to work with his wife.  She has always hated exercise and agreed to meet with me grudgingly.  She is now one of my most dedicated clients.  In fact she has been known to show up and say "what if we attached tubing to the cable machine?"  The sessions are co-creative and incredibly fulfilling. I received notice today that upon request of the participants, "training services" has been added to the 2014 budget.  The Village President asked why and the number one reason given was because they had never had such a positive exercise experience (their words, not mine). I am humbled to be given this opportunity.  It is amazing to work with people on such a personal level while maintaining a professional relationship. I wanted to thank you for pushing the boundaries of our industry. Thanks for challenging us to think rather than preach dogma.  Thanks for teaching us how to apply scientific principles to demystify exercise.  Thanks for supplying the "Missing Link" and helping me see that the client’s experience determines not only their success but also mine.  THANKS for all your hard work and willingness to share!!!!”     -Lewis Balentine, MAT Specialist, CSCS, Chicago, IL

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“I am in grad school now and as much as I am frustrated with much of it, it will get me into some of the teaching positions I covet.  At any rate, I am teaching undergrads in my spare time and am currently assigned to doing "biomechanics" labs.  What a joke.  The professor does the lecture and then I follow up with a lab session.  His students are so confused and have absolutely no idea how to apply this stuff.  I have been having a blast though.  I re-teach some of what the professor has "taught" and then we have a lot of fun applying it to the real world.  In the labs that the professor teaches, the kids are busy analyzing a divers' COG and dropping balls from varying heights.  They go home and wonder what to do with the information they were just given.  My kids are busy dissecting every human movement and are now looking at Ferris wheels, trucks on the road and old people with walkers with new eyes.  They examine the world of forces and movement and apply it to the anatomy and are amazed to find out that the muscle attachments they spent time learning last semester actually matter!  Just want to thank you for opening my eyes.  I fully intend on taking this and running with it.  I am creating my own degree with the help of an open-minded advisor.  I'll end up with a PhD in exercise physiology, but the emphasis will be very much on biomechanics as well as the physiology of aging. Thanks to RTS, I am examining my curriculum with a very critical eye. Keep doing what you are doing please! You teach people HOW to think, not WHAT to think. Therein lies the difference.”  -Lee Anne Siegmund, BSN, RN

“RTSm opened my eyes, as well as those of my clients, to what the fitness professional really needs to know:  how to strategically apply forces and safely progress exercise.  After becoming an RTSm I began to learn, and it was this process that impressed my clients.  They could see that I was genuinely interested in their well-being and that I was carefully evaluating their unique needs moment by moment.  My business doubled, not because I advertised RTS, but because my clients could tell I had something that other trainers didn't.”   -Lee Anne Siegmund, MS, RN, Cincinnati, OH

“Hey Peter [Chiasson], it's Steve Mckenzie how are you. I know you probably don't remember me but I was the powerlifting guy from the last session of the old RTS123 courses you taught. I just wanted to say thanks for all the info and help with RTS. I actually use all of the principles on myself first before I try to apply them to my clients and I have found them to be very effective in terms of injury prevention and lowering overall joint stress. I have never been stronger or in less pain than right now. How is it that I am lifting more weight than ever without any pain at all when before I was in pain all the time?  It is amazing stuff and I am only scratching the surface. I just want you to know that this stuff really changes peoples’ lives and helps people realize that the most important thing in training is health and safety because you cannot train when you're hurt and you do not recover when you are in pain. Again thank you very much I know now that I will be able to put up some numbers that I never thought possible because of your help.”    -Steve Mckenzie, Toronto, Ont

“I want to thank you for conveying your passion and knowledge of exercise through the RTSm courses.  I have benefitted tremendously from your vast level of experience and education.  I am currently working at a large and unique training facility in downtown Toronto built with a great team of smart individuals that provide extremely high level of service.  Despite their abilities, my attention to detail and level of professionalism have stood out.  I have received appreciation for my skill set and simply want to pass that appreciation on to you.  Without you this could not have happened. I was reading the RTS Science manual on the flight over to SF and mentioned to Adrian that the layout & verbiage used makes it such an easy read it’s almost deceptive in the complexity of the topics presented.  This seems to allow the reader to take away only what they are ready for and capable of at the time.”  -Tremayne Mischey, Toronto, Ont

“I just wanted you to know that RTSm has changed my life and for this I thank you. Over the last 3 years I have changed as a person, for the better I think. To have the ability to alter the course of people’s lives is a powerful tool. I am proud to be part of such a humble group of people. Thank you for everything.”   –Brad Thorpe, Toronto, Ont

BB: "Hello from Iraq! Sir, I have studied your work, and wanted to say thank you for what you do. When I come home, I look forward to taking your course and becoming certified as an RTS."
TP: Thanks for the message and thanks for everything you and your buddies do over there!!!!!!!! Look forward to seeing you in class upon your return. Be safe and God bless!!!
BB: "Hoah. Love of country. Thank you for your work, sir. The knowledge I've gained from your philosophy has helped my workouts go from gym science to feeling good when leaving the gym. I've also been able to help out lots of buddies to reach goals, stay “Army Strong” and gain points on PT tests without destroying their bodies. See you in September, sir."

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“The incredible efficacy of strategically applied force!!! Just reminded again this morning how critically important the RTSm course and your instruction on joint architecture and internally/externally generated forces play in understanding how to approach, problem solve and create strategies for maximizing function in the face of orthopedic pathologies. I have been working with a shoulder that was reconstructed with a patch invaginated into the subscapularis distal tendon, a clavicular resection and arthroscopic debridement along with significant joint articular arthritis - the problem has been horizontal shoulder adduction (he likes to golf which is a real stressor for this position) understanding shear and compression at the joint surfaces and how externally applied force at various positions of the joint can alter the amount of shear and compression had provided a real breakthrough in progressing the stabilization of the joint.
Thanks again for your passion and dedication to helping us understand the body better. If trainers and therapists want to impact their client's health status (the most important reason to learn), and secondarily command more respect and higher fees they simply must learn and apply the RTS principles and approach to managing their client's health.”
   -Greg Mack, Columbus, OH

“I hope to come back to OKC next year, hopefully early.  It does me so much good, and this last trip was the most valuable of all.  I felt like a sponge, just soaking it all up.  The one visual I had regarding RTS is really hard to explain.  I feel like everything else is offering pieces of information and RTS just brings it all together. It's like all of these other programs, products etc. are just pieces of a puzzle.  RTS IS THE WHOLE PUZZLE.  If you have RTS, you can see the entire picture clearly and the individual components just fall into place.  Everyone else out there is selling pieces and trainers are repackaging those pieces and reselling them to an already confused public (that's why I constantly get asked what I think of this program or that).  Not only that, it raises the bar so to speak.  I picture a pole vaulter gliding over a bar.  RTS raises that bar...that makes it more difficult but soooo much more worthwhile than anything else out there.  I am always thinking in terms of pictures.  Don't know if any of that helps, but it is truly how I feel.”  -Lee Anne Siegmund, BSN, RN

“The Resistance Training Specialist program has proven far-and-away the most worthwhile time and money I’ve invested in my continuing professional education to date.  The year following my successful completion of the course has had transformative effects on my training, yielding more than enough “A-ha!” moments to justify any time and expense.  In an industry dominated by shallow trends and gurus, and where most advanced ‘education’ consists of memorizing protocols, it’s wonderfully refreshing to attend a series of seminars which not only respect your intelligence, but require it.  Nowhere else can participants experience such a thorough and thoughtful exploration of the sciences most vital to their profession.  RTS is the best type of educational experience because rather than simple rote learning of a few new exercises, it allows you the practitioner the skills to make more accurate observations in the field and, in turn, better exercise choices.  In this respect, RTS imparts a truly deeper understanding of our craft and the value of that is just immeasurable.”    -Chris Chilelli, NYC

“This class has been the single greatest academic experience of my life so far. My entire viewpoint on exercise and the fitness world was turned upside down each of these three weekends. The amount of information that we were given is staggering, and the weight of it is insurmountable. The first weekend completely blew my mind like I never thought possible, and the next two weekends didn't let up in the least.”    -Globe University Student and RTS123 attendee

“I was reminded yesterday how important your work, as expressed through RTS, has been, is and will certainly continue to be! Your innovation, dedication and passion to create the field of Exercise Mechanics and continue to push the information and philosophy forward has played an important role in my professional development. Thank you. You are appreciated. I hope to never take RTS for granted or forget its importance. If I do you have permission to smack me upside the head! :-)”  -Greg Mack, Columbus, OH

“I attended the RTS class last weekend at the University in Minneapolis and didn't get a chance to tell Tom how much I truly enjoyed the information and how helpful it is going to be for myself and my trainers.  I am already planning to use much of what I learned. The missing piece for many trainers is the "personal" piece.  It is all about the client! I have been in the fitness business since the 80’s (yikes) and over the years many gizmos and gimmicks have come and gone, the current certifications are not enough of a base of knowledge about the body to make good decisions about what is valid and what just doesn't make sense. I am looking forward to part 2.”    -Pamela Guyer, Taos, NM

“I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on my new "RTS style" of training! :-) (You know I'm kidding: "client-defined" training!) Thx for making an awesome class Tom!  Having clients focusing on exploring their end ranges and building tension with their muscles. I'm much more hands on. Hovering. And my clients are loving the experience. This is a text I got from a client yesterday: “That focusing on your muscle thing really worked... my shoulders are still tired!”  VALUE!! ( = $ )  This is why I love RTS. There's nothing else that has such a profound & immediate effect on my training biz!!”     -Tim Arndt, Vancouver, WA

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“Any certification will teach how an exercise is done and what it's for. RTS is the only course that teaches specifically WHY it works that way. Once you understand the why, you will no longer be chained to dogmatic programs and techniques. You will have to tools to help your clients achieve more with minimal risk of injury. After going through RTS, I can show potential clients and most other fitness professionals, no matter their training experience something new and explain it in a specific rational way. RTS gave me all the tools I needed to be more creative and safer in the gym. My client retention has never been stronger due to the fact that my workouts no longer get stale or repetitive!”  -Cody Eubanks, CSCS, MATCS

“The RTS program allows you to understand many of the nuances of joint mechanics and re-evaluate the forces that we place on our bodies in a new light. This series of courses provides one with the tools necessary to be a "one-percenter" in the field of exercise instruction. Providing infinite possibilities of options to strategically create exercises, RTS teaches you how to speak and utilize an entirely new language in fitness.”   -Patrick Douglas, CPT, MATCS, Louisville, KY

“The benefits of taking RTS courses far surpassed my expectations. The knowledge gained eclipses traditional training courses.  Discover for yourself: HOW to create better and more appropriate exercises, WHY to create these exercises, WHEN to implement them and with WHOM.  Stronger communication, consistent results, safer environment, better trainer and increased income will result.  I have found that in my market it sets me far apart from my competition, if they can even be considered that any longer.”    Mike Roshaven, CPT, Louisville, KY

“Before I became a personal trainer I was a member at one of these “mega gyms”. I looked at the trainers and saw them doing some amazingly cool looking exercises. I would routinely talk to them about the awesome stuff they were doing with their clients. The majority of answers encompassed these components; “because it’s functional!”, “it works ALL the muscles”, “to work your stabilizers”, etc.  Being an Architecture Major at the time it was in my nature to ask, “How?” Their answers really didn’t get me much closer to an answer.

Five years later as a trainer, and becoming one of the same guys as mentioned above. It still never dawned on me that resistance training was more than just doing the cool exercises you have viewed others do on the training floor, or exercises shown at your last seminar. At that point a friend had introduced me to the Resistance Training Specialist program. I was skeptical at first and it was pricey; I thought it was just another run of the mill seminar that would give me a couple more exercises to do with my clients.  After completing the RTS123, I had an entirely new perspective on training in general.  RTS did not temporarily feed me with exercises like all the others. It gave me the ability to accurately create exercises specific to my client’s individual abilities and goals. RTS taught me the fundamentals to resistance training that EVERY trainer interested in honing their craft or growing their business should have. Even as an architecture grad it never dawned on me that resistance training is mechanical physics 101; RTS taught me how to apply these laws to exercises! As a trainer understanding the science that I practice EVERY DAY is absolutely necessary before I impose any demands on a client. RTS has also helped me to analyze past exercises I have in my repertoire and slightly modify them to safely and effectively fit my client’s goals. RTS has paved the way for my training career; it has introduced me to new modalities such as MAT. Frequently I look back and I am so thankful that I found the true path to growing as a trainer; that path was opened up through RTS.  Exercise seminars: fish for a man; feed him for a day! RTS: teach a man to fish; feed him for life”!      -Ben Wicks, CPT, MAT Intern, Miami, FL

“As the person responsible for the growth and education of our club’s trainers and managers, I encourage them to gather information from every source they can.  We use the RTS programs as the foundation of their thought process so they can think through what is really taking place with all the information they acquire and are exposed to.  It is essential to our business model to have highly skilled trainers offering a product our members feel is life changing. With the RTS courses, our managers gain the ability to grow their staff and challenge them to progress every client safely, effectively, and strategically.  This allows us to: 1) Develop a staff of professionals who are able to increase the value of each session to our members, 2) Increase the referrals we receive to our club and trainers because their service is different resulting in increased membership, and 3) Increase our profitability as an organization because our staff can increase their per session charge.”    -Aaron Lakanen, National Director, Five Seasons, Cincinnati, OH

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I thought I knew everything about fitness until I took RTS, then I realized there was so much to learn. Taking the RTS course gave me a new direction in fitness I never thought possible. It gave me the confidence to become an educator in the business and helped me understand the choices to make in the design of exercise programs. My income increased almost instantly because I was able to work with clients that suffered from repetitive injuries and I became the person other trainers would come to when they needed exercise advice. Even to this day, I can analyze the latest fads in training and assess the risks vs. benefits related to the exercises.”   -Nicholas Tortoriello, Miami, FL

“Fitness professionals in today’s market must become more educated. This is for many reasons, but mostly the members want results and haven't gotten them. Instead, they have been beat up by trainers that use the same workout for every client rather than thinking about the individual and giving them what they need. Our staff that has attended the RTS courses is much more in tune with the needs and issues presented by a client base that is in need of strategic exercise programming due to the wear and tear they have placed on their bodies. Not only are they the most educated trainers we have, they make the most money since they are the most sought out by our membership population to enhance their workouts and fitness programming. For those seeking the true edge in exercise and fitness programming, RTS is the answer!”    -Aaron Lakanen, RTSm, MATCS, Cincinnati, OH

“RTS improved and expanded the foundation of my knowledge as a fitness professional. There is no comparison to any other personal or group training education. It teaches the mechanics of resistance training that not only builds confidence in what you can do for yourself, but also for your clientele. In using the science that is taught, the possibilities for creating exercises are limitless, whereas before I was bound to specific movements or protocols. There were many examples given in class that made difficult concepts quite simple and easy to understand. On top of that, RTS separates you from the rest of the industry, enabling you to increase your rates, thus making more money. The investment is a no brainer. RTS is the greatest knowledge for anyone to learn that is involved in the fitness industry…Period!”   -Rich Rife, CPT, Indianapolis, IN

“Just wanted to say thanks for another great RTS weekend. You are truly the most gifted educator I have ever had the opportunity to learn from. The way you are able to put a picture in my mind, of examples of the subject, is the most effective way I have ever used to learn. The movie analogies are awesome! I really got a lot out of the part on being a successful personal trainer, creating an experience, and having the type of practice you want. You are dead on! Although I have attended other educational programs in the past, I always come back home to RTS. I know that at the end of a weekend, I will leave a better trainer, and a better human being. I will continue to study the materials in preparation for the RTSM exam. I hope to one day join the elite group of trainers who have earned the RTSm distinction. Thanks for everything. As always, I remain your student.”   -Scott Bojan, North Bethesda, MD

“Forget more money, forget increased intelligence, or because you will be a part of an incredible community of people who actually know what they are doing in the fitness industry. Do it because you will be able to sleep well at night knowing that you really do understand the internal and external forces that you place on your clients' bodies and you won’t be contributing to their injuries, aches, and pains in the future. You can truly and honestly know that you indeed only helped them and not hurt them!”  -Nikki DeCandia, RTSm, MATm, Denver, CO

“RTS was a game changer for me and has reshaped the way I work as a trainer/strength coach. RTSm by far is the most advanced certification process I have ever been through and continue to go through.  Besides significantly increasing my earning potential, this program separated me from my peers by giving me a more advanced knowledge base about how the body functions mechanically.  I highly recommend RTS to the serious health professional!” RTS:

1. Gave me a more advanced knowledge base about how the body works
2. Increased my ability to incorporate more services into my business = more $$$$
3. Furthered my interest to want to learn more
4. As a trainer/strength coach, separated me from other strength coaches
5. Allowed me to communicate with doctors better (language was attractive to them)
6. Opened more doors to work with more athletes

                                                            -Todd Collura, MATCS, CSCS, Boca Raton, FL

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“Just wanted you to know what the RTSm experience has meant to me, and this comes from my heart.  I have been in this industry for about 23 years.  I started as a bodybuilder/powerlifter in the 80's and 90's winning the Titles Mr. Delaware and New Jersey State Champion.  I went on to compete nationally as well.  During this time period I garnered a degree in Nutrition and became a certified trainer through several of the organizations who did this kind of thing back then. I must say must say I became quite successful at it.  I felt I knew everything I needed to know about this fitness stuff because after all look at all my accomplishments.  Except for my aching joints and torn muscles (slightly tore my pec in a power meet), I was on top… in my mind any way. Well the year after I competed in the nationals I tore my supraspinatus and teres minor.  Had to go in to get them reattached and started to wonder why I was getting so many injuries.  I seemed to hurt all the time and quite honestly I took pretty good care to train with good form.  So I started to seek why this stuff was happening to me.  With the torn muscles I now had to consider the fact that competing at a high level was not an option anymore and I wanted to keep training but without the injuries.  I also noticed the guys around me at my age where all torn up and many even quit working out.  Something is wrong with that!!! 

Resistance training is supposed to be a healthy thing for our bodies so why where, and still are so many folks tearing their bodies to pieces?!!!  Well in the year 2000 I moved from my home state of Delaware to Texas to get my chance in a bigger market.  The Dallas market is grand and it has been a great move for me.   That being said I still had a lot to learn.  I started working for Larry North Fitness in late 2001 and that next year we were given a chance to attend a seminar with you. Which at the time I had no clue who you were.  I was looking for answers by now and was starting to realize I didn't have them all.  Well I have to tell you this 2 day seminar was the most eye opening/ mind altering/humbling experience I had in my life.  I realized for real I didn't know jack about the human body and the forces we impose on the structures when we lift weights are something we need to seriously consider.  That 2 days had changed my life forever. Well here I am the year 2005-2006 and I have been going through the RTSm program and I must say it has been a challenging yet extremely rewarding experience.   I have to tell you Tom, not to brag but I really don't need this program to get more clients or create more of a name for myself.  Since I moved here I have been extremely busy and have all I can handle as far as a client base and really don't think my clients care one way or the other if I am RTSm.  So I have been going through the program because I believe I am doing my clients an injustice if I don't know this stuff.  What you teach is the real truth behind all this stuff we call fitness.  It is not based on opinions (or biases as you would say) but on physics and math.  On this earth we deal with forces every day and they are real.  When we exercise we prescribe forces to our bodies and even worse as trainers we prescribe force to other people.  I personally believe RTS is the only legitimate educational program that has a right to teach trainers how to prescribe exercise to people.  My hope is that the standards in the industry will be raised to the level of RTS as the basis for all legitimate fitness professionals to adhere to. In closing I just wanted to say thanks Tom for taking a stand for what is right and not standardizing your program to sell more stuff.  You have a passion that few have in this industry that is real and not just about the money.  I personally will continue to learn and grow and spread the word about RTS. 

Just some final words to other fitness professionals.  If you really care about the people you’re supposed to be helping take RTS at some level you won't regret it.  I love this industry and RTS needs to be a major part of its growth. I forgot to mention the fact that when I started to use the principals of RTS in my own workouts it has made a tremendous difference in my body as well.  I eliminated many aches and pains.”   -Dan Sprinkle, Dallas, TX

“I wish I had done this (RTS) years ago.  It probably wouldn't have done me any good until now anyway.  I don't know if I was capable of opening my mind to such insight until now.  I was hesitant about taking the course because of a comment made in OPT.  He said something like "this is great information Tom, but how does this change what I do on Monday?"  That comment made me think this was just more science I've heard a thousand times that wouldn't really affect the way I do things. That comment left a resounding echo in my mind that maybe it isn't necessary to learn this.  Ironic, because I know his goal is to change our industry for the better.  The answer to his question is; RTS changes everything.  How you perceive something changes everything about that something.  I really enjoyed this weekend.  It gave me insight into "how far down the rabbit hole goes".  -Adam Spikes     

“So, is this some kind of a cult or something?  Just kidding… but I've definitely taken the red pill, and wonder what I've gotten myself into.  I still don't see everything that you guys somehow see, but I definitely had a chance last night on the drive home to run several things through my head. I wanted to thank you again for your time and efforts.  For more than a few years now, I've been one of the ones looking for paperclips and protocols.  I've been looking for that ultimate program that would put me above and beyond other coaches.  Yet, with each answer and suggestion I received, there was always this thought in the back of my head that was saying, "No, that's not good enough.  That's not it."  I think unknowingly, this is what I was looking for the whole time; a greater understanding of what I thought I was doing before, and actual reasons of why I should do it otherwise, and not just because it works. I will be following up this e-mail with another containing a few questions.  I look forward to more conversations and learning from you.”   -Luke Bradford, CSCS, PES, USATF, Friendswood, TX

“The lecture and practical education from RTS has increased my knowledge as a personal trainer as well as my client base.  RTS looks at the mechanics of the body in such a basic way that not only does it makes sense, but it truly is the core information that needs to be understood by anyone who works on exercises with individuals.  The information RTS provides has really opened my eyes to how much we accept in our health industry as the truth, simply because it is stated in a book.  RTS makes you really look at some of these “truths” i.e., flexibility testing (sit and reach), strength testing (1RM and sit-ups) and question what it is you are really trying to accomplish. I am so thankful to RTS for opening a new and more exciting career path in exercise.  I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about pursuing, or has a professional career where joint movement is involved.  It will open your eyes to a whole new world.”   -Cindy Cummins, B.A., NSCA-CPT, Louisville, KY

“RTS has changed my fitness career and my life. After almost 25 years in the fitness and training business, RTS has finally given me the ultimate confidence that I am designing safe and effective programs that truly benefit my clients based on what they need, not on what I think they need, or on a canned program. Client retention since RTS has been unbelievable! I am rewarded with comments like: “I can’t believe I am working this hard and finally feeling energized and renewed, not the sore and beat up feeling I have had with other training experiences.” Because of my RTS experience, I have been able to hold, and in some cases even increase my prices in an economy that has seen many trainers drop their prices to “Wal-Mart” levels. RTS has also changed my life personally. My own body is in a much better place thanks to this training. I am stronger, more energized, and most of the nagging injuries and pains have disappeared. It has always been my experience that the most successful people continually invest in themselves, even when they feel they can’t. My personal experience with RTS is that it will pay itself back quickly, and provide the means to make more money in this business than you ever thought possible, while giving you more of the great feeling and reward of knowing you are truly helping individuals achieve their goals!”    -Steve Luckett, Louisville, KY

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“In 2009, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the RTS 123 lectures. The results from this education were priceless. I was blown away by the amount of valuable information I received. I have been in this industry for 20 years and have NEVER experienced the incredible information as I have with this course. It has completely changed my career for the better. I now have the tools needed to really improve the quality of someone's life. Training clients on an individual level or group setting should offer an experience filled with education and truth. I look back at my previous certifications and continuing education only to realize how limited it was. Since taking RTS, my client base has not only increased, but I now have other colleagues repeatedly asking me for advice. I always tell them the same thing, "Please take the time to take RTS courses." It is time for fitness professionals to stop the everyday regurgitated rhetoric and start using their brains. Only then can we bring this profession into the 21st century and make it a truly respected field.”    -Rebecca Wine, Louisville, KY

“Good intentions are often not sufficient to “do no harm”.  The encompassing training that I received from RTS has given me the insurance and assurance I needed in teaching proper exercise form and function to my clients. I truly believe that no matter your area of expertise in fitness, RTS can be applied. RTS is the most professional education I have received in the field of health and fitness.”   -Donna O’Bryan, M.Ed, 

“The benefit of taking the RTS far outweighs the time/cost of the training.  It was a well worth investment because I gained a valuable knowledge and hands on experiences that are not available elsewhere.  RTS taught me how to think - think strategic in how I train myself and coach others to improve performance effectively and efficiently.  Others sell cookie cutter products - RTS teaches you fundamental knowledge you can make sound decisions. Learning how to fish, instead of receiving fish. That's the difference.”   -Hozumi Kessler, CPT

“Attending and completing the RTS course was an empowering experience that provided me with building blocks from and inside view of the body to provide appropriate solutions for those I train and teach. The instruction and material in the RTS course gave me a stronger foundation and confidence in filing in the missing pieces or links that my prior education has not addressed specifically in its thorough progressive application of physics to the human body. This advanced experience has fueled my passion for making a difference in the lives of my clients through healthy appropriate progressions that increase their quality of life. I believe that because of the education I have received and will continue to pursue in RTS I add more value to the experience of those I train and will build my business with integrity and passion.”  -Amy Trentacoste, CPT, Minneapolis, MN

"RTS has been a huge boost to my career. Not only has my client experience gone through the roof which has led to increased retention and increased revenue, but my ability to think and create individualized solutions has forever changed."    -Dave Reed, RTSm MATCS, Indianapolis, IN

“RTS changed my life by providing me with invaluable ability to analyze exercise, movement, and practical application of resistance. RTS has helped me set myself apart from the majority of trainers who blindly follow fads and trends in the fitness industry. As an MAT Specialist - RTS is also invaluable in providing an understanding of "true biomechanics" - knowledge that is often overlooked and briefly discussed, if at all, with other nationally recognized certifications. I feel that this knowledge has helped me become a better MAT Specialist with knowledge that others do not utilize to help them better train/treat their clients. I have expanded my realm of practice to beyond simply training clients to providing them with the tools in order for them "to participate in life" in whatever that endeavor may be at whatever age.”   -Ed Barrientos, MATm, RTSm, Denver, CO

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“I have been a personal trainer for over six years. When I started training I felt that I had a pretty comprehensive understanding of human biomechanics. I felt that I understood how most, if not all, weight machines worked. I, like most trainers, assumed that a "lat pull down" machine worked lats and that a bar curl for biceps was an "isolation" exercise for the biceps. I didn't even consider other joints or muscles that were or had to be involved for such a movement to occur. I was regurgitating senseless cues like "don't let your knee go past your toes when doing a squat or a lunge. It puts unnecessary stress on the patellar ligament". I registered for my first RTS class in March of 2008 and was confronted with how little I actually knew about biomechanics, force application, and exercise for that matter. After finishing (not mastering by any means) my first series of RTS123 classes I finally felt confident in dealing with clients that had pre-existing injuries. A majority of this confidence came with the peace of mind in knowing that I was not adding any dysfunction to my clients and in fact was able to create safe, progressive exercises for them. I now have the ability to tailor exercises to fit the client and feel that I am capable of creating an infinite amount of exercises that keep my clients coming back again and again. RTS is essential if you are pursuing a career in fitness or any biomechanical related fields and are truly dedicated to understanding how the musculoskeletal system functions.”   -Brad Bischoff, MATCS, CPT, Louisville, KY

“I’m excited to see the evolution of RTS! Purvis and the team are always on the forefront of the field. Took the course in 2012. Never trained or coached anyone the same. It challenged my ideas about exercise and gave me plenty more to consider. #grateful #changedmylife #forever”   –Mark Guandolo, Hollywood, FL

“After having just finished the first two RTS Mastery Modules, I just want to thank you. The material and delivery are incredible.  I've always been passionate about fitness and helping others, and this course has amped things up to a new level (and I feel like after 26 years in the industry that I'm just starting to scratch the surface). I'm planning on taking the final 3 modules in early 2016. All the best!”  -Jeff Hirst

“Thanks for putting together the RTSm course and continuing to refine it. I always walk away with a greater understanding of the material (usually the stuff I thought I knew). The course is truly life changing. Looking forward to further exploration of equipment/external force analysis. Thanks again!”    -Ben Silver, Boston, MA

“Over the years, with the original NASM and now RTS, the education you have taught me has been tremendous.  The RTSm program is hands down the leader and only one teaching the mechanics of the tools of our trade and more importantly how to create exercise.   I greatly appreciate your time, effort, and passion, not to mention the sacrifices you have made for this program to be what it is today.  I've been around to see it grow from the original NASM to RTSL, RTSP, (with CREA) to RTS 123 to RTSM and soon the creation of IPS, it is awesome! I'm looking forward to continuing with RTS and whatever you offer.  Thanks again! You have made this all possible.”   -Michael Silva, Boston, MA