Are you paying someone to count while you workout? What's a trainer really supposed to do?


Most clients think their trainer is the best. Often this is totally based upon the fact that he or she is a good person, won a trophy, or has a great body. A personality is a valuable attribute and congeniality is a plus, but alone these aren't enough to make one an Exercise Professional. Personal achievement, titles, physical prowess, and DNA don't make someone an expert in YOU!

Most trainers make you follow the rules of the exercise, but an RTS will make the exercise follow the rules of you. With an RTS® education the Exercise Professional can "see inside" your body and design exercises tailored to your individual anatomy, current ability, and your tolerance for activity.

What you can expect from an RTS?

  • Above all... DO NO HARM!
  • Objective decision making, constantly customizing everything based upon the individual
  • Constant, undivided attention to exercise performance and control
  • Monitoring of performance from every point of view
  • Cueing to encourage precise performance, not just for motivation or to "push" you
  • Instruction and reinforcement frequently, appropriately, and specifically
    • "There's too much to do and too much to cue to waste time counting!"
  • Active participation in on-going professional education and learning

The RTS Exercise Professional knows more exercise variables, can offer more strategies, and has more tools in his/her tool box to get you results!

"You don't just need a trainer... you need an RTS!"


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