Courses & Registration

International presentations include not only the RTS1 Course, but also seminars and workshops offered as introductions to the RTS Principles and select topics.

The RTS1 Course was created specifically for students residing outside of the US, UK, and Canada and is presented and administered by RTSGlobal.

In most countries RTS1 is 28 hours across four days, and divided 50:50 lecture to practical.

Non-English exams are tailored to the logistics required by each country.

Please note that international providers must often work with local organizations, facilities, private individuals, and government regulators depending upon the country.

For this reason, RTS, LLC accepts no responsibility or liability for the scheduling, administration, presentation, enrollment policies and procedures, cancellations policies of the contractor, as well as exam creation, administration, or notifications processes. Furthermore, each contractor maintains their respective RTS1 database of attendees and certified.

For more information, to register, or for any and all RTS1 issues, contact [email protected] or your local RTS international affiliate.